TTR Goodie Bag

The Colour Pop fever has taken over TTR office too, and the other day my girls bought a whole bunch of lippies together. Hahaha.

They also asked if I want to get anything but I gave it a miss since I already own so many lipsticks.

But…. Really quite nice eh. Hahaha. I'm regretting saying no now. Tried on Frick 'N' Frack and it looks good. 😍

Quite unlike any of the colours I already own. Good enough excuse for me to buy right? LOL. #dayrebeauty

Anyway, I've finally fully recovered from whatever that was plaguing me for the past week.

Turns out it wasn't dengue because my rashes went away after a few hours. I was telling @jongsy that maybe because my pillow dirty. Hahaha. But yeah. Thank goodness I didn't have to spend my long weekend at the hospital.

Other than getting a really good rest, I also lost a bit of weight. Most likely water weight but… Better than nothing right.


Thank you to all my cute friends who have been checking up on me every single day, filling my phone with texts concerned about my well being, texts disturbing me about random stuff to take my mind off being sick, texts nagging at me to rest + take meds on time + staying hydrated.

Me loves you all! 😍😘

Kinkin for lunch yaay. πŸŽ‰

We have a new staff today so out for lunch it is!

Only finished half of my noodles because appetite is not yet fully back.

The sun needs to maintain please. SO WARM OMG.

So unwilling to step into anywhere without air conditioning.

We were eating at kinkin just now and I asked the rest of it was just me who keeps perspiring throughout the entire meal. Because we were indoors with (supposed) air con but it didn't feel cooling at all.

I think the worst part of perspiring is that sticky, permeating feeling that stays on your skin.

But recently I discovered this super awesome Biore Sarasara Powder Sheets that is supposed to remove odour, perspiration and stickiness!

And also, it leaves your skin powdery smooth and it feels like you just showered.

I don't think it can substitute showering (HAHAHA sorry to disappoint) but it does pretty well in freshening you up!

I love bringing this whenever I'm headed outdoors because it really works like how it's supposed to and is so extremely useful. 😍

I think it's around $3 for 10 pieces! And you can get it at most Watsons outlets.


One of the best things that I've discovered recently. Hahaha. Can't live without it now. The citrus ones are nice too!

Was down for almost the entire of last week so lagging behind in my ootds. Lol. Stayed home the entire week wearing pajamas every single day.

Wearing the Port D-ring Culottes here! We have this in the shorts version too, also launched on Sunday!

With grandma at Peach Garden yesterday! ✌️🏻

I think she couldn't recognise me for a minute because she said my hair colour look like ang moh. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Celebrated Mother's Day one week earlier because it's going to be flooded everywhere next week.

We ordered from the dim sum menu and food was pretty decent! I think it's a place mothers will like but I'm not sure how crazy the crowd will be if you head there next weekend.

Sorry I'm extremely lag but I just discovered how to use the snapchat filters only yesterday. My favourite is this dog one because it matches my hair colour the best. Hahahaha.

If you've been following me on snapchat, you'll realise that I'm not very active. LOL. Just never gotten into the hang of using it regularly. And having so many platforms to update gets a little overwhelming at times.

Old already la.

Quite amazed because the app can even detect your features when you're lying down and not facing the app properly. Lolol. Okay I better stop embarrassing myself bye!

Was going to share about this on Dayre last week but got sick and went into hibernation mode and wasn't in the mood for posting anything here.

If you don't know yet.. We're giving away a limited number of exclusively printed tote bags at our Citylink store to celebrate our grand opening week!

It took us some time to put these together because I wanted to make sure we have really awesome items inside! And also, decided to print our warehouse sale crew slogan onto tote bags too.


This was the other version of the tote bag, with the round TTR logo on it. If you've been following us since (or even earlier!) we launched our dot com, you would have known that these are the exact same ones that we gave away back in 2012!

Omg wtf time flies. 2012 actually sounds ancient.

So for those of you who were not with us then/didn't manage to get these tote bags before, here's your chance!

Our lovely sponsors on board this time: The Face Shop, Belif, Lucido-l, Heroine Make and Kotex!

Didn't get as many as the warehouse sale goodie bag the other time but this time round, the sponsors we found were super generous with the items they gave!

There's a mini mascara from Heroine Make which is just adorable and handy for bringing around in your makeup pouch! And The Face Shop also generously sponsored a few of their crowd favourites! 😍

This is damn useful. There are 2 liners and 2 regular pads inside! Can just keep inside your bags.

Perfect for people like me who always forgets to bring a spare one in the bag and ends up having to buy an entire packet whenever I get unannounced surprises. Hahaha.

Okay and these!!

All of us were damn excited when they arrived at the office. 😍

We customized TTR mirror badges (the one on the left is actually a badge with a mirror behind!!) and TTR measuring tapes because we wanted to let you girls have merchandise which are somewhat relatable and useful.

We only ordered a small batch of these and will not be doing another batch once we give them out. Won't be selling them, so you can only get them in the tote bags!

How to get the tote bags you ask?

You get one with every purchase made at the Citylink store, while stocks last only!

Oh and I forgot to mention, there's also a $10 TTR voucher inside the tote bag which you can use for your in-store purchases!

Also, we have just stocked in these tees at the store!

They're gonna be store exclusives so you won't be able to get them online. I've been wearing my crew version more times I can count.. Gonna have to keep another piece for myself before it gets worn out! Lolol.

#thetinselrack #TTR

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