Sleep Woes + Sephora Sale


I think it's been some time since I've updated my dayre at such ungodly hours. It's currently 03:38 and I don't feel the slightest bit sleepy.

Such a huge contrast compared to last week. I was sick + taking drowsy meds and was sleeping before 11pm almost every night, on top of having 8 hour naps every day. Lol.

You've no idea what a huge blessing drowsy meds are to someone who is an insomniac like me. I haven't drifted off into such blissfully easy sleep for AGES.

It's like I don't have to get stressed up about trying to fall asleep (STORY OF MY LIFE) and I'll just drift off without even trying. Such unadulterated bliss okay.

Now it looks like I've hit my sleep quota for the entire month and I'm back to my regular shitting sleeping habits.

I still have cough syrup left and I'm so tempted to gulp some down just so that I can sleep well BUT NO. πŸ˜” I SHALL RESIST.

I am fully aware that I sound like an addict in need of rehab. Hahaha.

Eh but really. My sleep quality is so bad that even if I do get any sleep, it is usually plagued with weird, senseless dreams that I can still remember vividly after I wake up.

Which is bad, right?

My mind needs to stop being so active and wander all around at inappropriate timings. Sleep, mind, go to sleep.

Before I fell sick I was waking up at almost 8am everyday and I was so proud of myself for beginning to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

At least I was living in the same time zone as normal human beings. But now…. I need to work on it again. Sigh. Baby steps la okay?

#sleepwoes #woesofaninsomniac

Okay goodnight, talk to you all in a few hours' time. Gonna be up early because long day ahead!

Was at Ion earlier to check out the store of temptations (because I wanted to get stuff and ALSO 20% sale which everyone has been going on and on about) and we walked past this wax figurine (?) that looked soooo extremely realistic my god.

@jongsy and I had to walk past it twice just to make sure that it's not an actual breathing human being standing inside as some kind of performance.



Especially when you see it from behind. Hahahah.


I spent too much at Sephora.


But I still kept it under control pretty well laa, given that there's 20% off. Actually it's also because I hate shopping during sale period. Any kind of sale in Singapore involves jostling and insane crowd and never ending queues and I really don't like it.

But 20% can save quite a lot of money for the items I've been eyeing for a while now. So.

I was slightly hesitant about some items while browsing but managed to get out of the store within 30 minutes!

Even then, Jo already said she hardly sees me this indecisive. Hahaha. I'm usually very fast when it comes to shopping. I think I shop more like a guy than a girl.

I try not to let the decision making process drag on for too long. It's like, I cannot stand myself if I have to stand there and mull over what to get. Cause to me, it just means that I don't like the item enough. Lol.

This was the main reason why I would even think of stepping into Sephora during a sale period.


Have been thinking of replacing my Clarinsonic cause I don't like having to buy brush heads every now and then. Saw reviews of the Foreo Luna 2 online recently and it seems like a worthy investment!

The original price was $299 and I saved about $60.


Also bought a few other items but I don't have time to take photos of them now.

Later, maybe?

If you're thinking of checking out the sale… Do it during off peak hours or be prepared to squeeze with the crowds along the different aisles and spend a fair amount of time at the checkout.

The crowd was already pretty thick on a Thursday at 11.30am. The queue at checkout was about 5-10 minutes long.

Actually couldn't tell because we were distracted by the aisle of evilness that they placed along the checkout queues. Hahahaha. So smart, Sephora. πŸ‘πŸ»


At Kith Cafe getting our noms after a successful shopping trip to Sephora.

Suggested this place since Park Mall is closing down and I remembered really liking the food here the last time I visited!

Ordered the Kith Breakfast and Roasted Beef Wrap.

I don't usually order breakfast sets at cafes because somehow they are just quite disappointing.

But Kith's is so good! Every component on the plate is nicely seasoned. And I love brioche! Always my first choice of toast whenever they have it on the menu.

The roasted beef wrap was pretty decent as well, @jongsy liked it!

And since we're on the topic of sales…

Watsons has 50% off 2nd item for quite a huge selection of items instore.

Sasa is doing 20% off storewide (I think!).

Just walked past them and saw. Hahaha. Just sharing the love here!

Has GSS already started?? Why got sale everywhere….. 😢 I need to keep reminding myself "ENOUGH LIAO".

I don't do selfies often but today good face/hair day so let me please. Hahaha.

And I'm really liking that warm rosy glow from my Nars Orgasm.


Okay end of shameless selfies.

We're having a photoshoot soon, excited! This week feels exceptionally short and therefore rushed. I prefer my week to have five full days. But I like my PHs too. #firstworldproblems

And I just got an update from my staff at the store that all the #TTR tote bags are given out!


Thank you all for your support for our grand opening week!! Ever so grateful for all of you who came down and shopped with us. I had fun talking to some of you at the store. Say hi if you spot me at the store next time!

I might look preoccupied and give off an unintentional resting bitch face sometimes, but I promise I don't bite! πŸ™Š

For those of you who want the tote bag but didn't manage to grab a piece… They will be up for sale on #thetinselrack website really soon!


But without the goodies inside laa of course. Hahaha.

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