Sprout @ Duxton

Checking out new place on Duxton today!

Sprout 🌱

Sounds like a really healthy place. Just saw the menu and the salad bowls sound good just based on their descriptions! Shall ponder over my choice while waiting for @jazreeltan to float over.

Snapped the menu for you!

They have DIY salad too but they recommended us to go for the salad bowls since it is our first time here!!

Love this hexagonal coaster at Sprout! The coffee was surprisingly decent I must say.

I don't usually order my coffees at salad bars because I don't take them together. But woke up late this morning and I didn't get my morning cuppa so I gave it a shot.

I liked that it wasn't overly acidic! And not too milky either. ✌️🏻 I'm picky about my caffeine.

We ordered the Japanese Salmon and Ahi Poke bowls to share!

The servings were pretty generous overall, but I felt that they could have piled on more protein (salmon and tuna) to better justify the price that we paid for the bowls.

If I'm not wrong we paid $19.90 per bowl! Not sure if there's gst because Jaz happily said "no need receipt!" Hahaha.

Finished our meal in slightly over an hour (accomplishment for us already!) and went to have drinks elsewhere so that we can continue our endless conversation.

The food at Sprout did exceed my expectations and I wouldn't be reluctant to head back definitely. Just that it's not the kind of food that I would crave for, if you get what I mean.

It does make a good place for a light, healthy lunch if your budget allows. I liked the seasoning for our salad bowls and service was really personal and friendly!

They also sell a couple of cute brand merch too! Like tote bags and tees. Forgot to get photos of those.

The only thing that put me off slightly was that the entire place had no natural light and it smelled of food being prepared.

I'm quite particular about the ventilation of food places because I don't really like the feeling of walking out of a place smelling like whatever I just ate. Hahahah. Annoying, no?

Thank you for the drink, my happy shiny friend!


Hours spent with you are always good! And please ah, you need to get on top on this whole wedding prep thing and start being a bridezilla. LOL.

I shall endeavour to entertain you with more stories the next time we meet!

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