The Face Shop X Kakao Giveaway!

Yesterday's #ootd.



And the denim craze is still going on strong. So this is a combination of two of my current favourite trends!

Launching this and other easy to wear basics on the website this weekend!

Oh and there's a stripes cut in midi dress which I really adore. Wearing it on me now, maybe I'll post the photos later!


#thetinselrack #TTR

Ending this extremely short week with my favourite Kaisen salad for lunch/dinner!

And since dinner was somewhat healthy-ish, I splurged the rest of my calories on something I haven't had in a while and used to really love – Llao Llao.

This was too sweet for comfort and I didn't even finish half of it! To think I used to be able to have a Sanum all to myself.

Is this what growing old(er) feels like? LOL.

Sorry for flashing my smile in your face but the point of this photo is to show yall the Silky Girl Matte Junkie Lip Cream in 04 Vintage which I got from the Watsons sale!

Have been hearing good things about the staying power and I was pretty incredulous about it until I tried it out today.

Some of the colour did get taken off after my salad and Llao Llao… But it stayed put and I didn't feel that strong an urge to touch up unlike when I use other lip products!


Colour is easy to wear even though I'm not typically fair skinned and some pink shades make me look pale and sickly hahaha.

Because it was 50% off 2nd piece, I made @jongsy get it with me and it ended up only $8.90!

Ehh I think one of my cheapest lip products so far. Good job me!


I like 01 Retro too! Might wanna get that as well since the sale is still ongoing hahaha. 😬

I have more lip colours than I can count….. But it's one of my soft spots when it comes to makeup laa.

And since I'm home alone on a Friday night… I've decided to dayre about this awesome box full of The Face Shop X Kakao makeup and skincare that was sent to me a couple of weeks ago!

If you've noticed, TTR has been partnering with TFS recently and we've so far done a giveaway for items under their White Seed Brightening range, given away product samples inside some parcels last weekend. And this weekend, you can also look forward to something special!

Let me give you a hint.

Sign up for TTR mailers and you'll find out in no time!

Okay so anyway. Back to the awesome box.

I had no idea that they would be so kind to include a personal box of so so many items for me, along with the products they wanted to sponsor TTR. Such a nice surprise when I received it!

And because there are way too many products inside (I only have one face)… I decided to share the love with you girls who have been following me on Dayre!


So I'll be giving away some of the items in this box and I'm going to make it a fuss free way for yall to participate!

Wait. Let me show you girls the items first. All shokewt I cannot.


Masks packaging also so cute!! I'm no fan of pink but I find the pink one so adorable??! And this shade of pink is just the softest shade of baby pink everrr. Okay aliens have just taken over my body. I'm actually raving about pink. What's happening.

Giving all masks away since I have a lot at home!

Dual use concealer! Comes with stick side and liquid side.

I shall be giving away the lighter shade since my skin isn't exactly very fair. Hahaha.

I think these are my absolute favorite product from the box. Eyeshadow palettes!

THE PACKAGING…… I DIED. From overwhelming cuteness. I'm usually not one who goes gaga over cutesy stuff but these really lowered my defense against cuteness.


This is the set I'm giving away!

The colours in this palette are more warm, neutral and brown tones and I think it makes a really good starter kit if you are unfamiliar with eyeshadow application!

I don't really use eyeshadow for my daily makeup but I find them fun to use. Hahaha. I already have the Naked eyeshadow palette which is mainly neutral and brown shades as well. So giving this out!

Keeping this pink set for myself!

I can't believe I would ever like anything that is pink so much. Hahaha. This is damn unlike me, really. I usually only accept pink for lipsticks and blushes. LOL.


But really. This peachy (?) marshmallow lookalike thing is damn cute laa.

And the hand creams will all be going out! I struggled and seriously considered keeping a couple for myself but I really don't have the habit of using hand creams.

The hand creams I receive every year during Christmas can last me through the year with surplus. Hahaha.

One more photo because these are too cute I cannot. 😍

And then the lipsticks.

💯 for packaging, really.

The characters actually look damn kaypoh from behind because they "pop out" from the box and it makes them look as if they're peeking at something. Hahaha.

😍😍😍 (I use this emoji a bit too much in this post but hahaha just let me be)

The Face Shop is damn generous la. I think these are all the colours they have in the range!

Colours are all nice and bright for summer! Plus, damn moisturising eh. It feels like a hybrid between a lip stick and a lip balm.

Every single colour looks wearable and suitable for most skin tones. I'll be keeping 2 of these and giving 3 away!

So to keep things simple… All you have to do is leave a comment with your email and tell me which items you want (you can pick 2!) and also tag a friend on Dayre to let her know about this giveaway!

I'll pick the winners by Monday!

So I'm giving away 1) 5 x face masks 2) 1 x concealer 3) 5 x hand creams 3) 1 x eyeshadow palette 4) 3 x lipsticks.

Have fun and I hope you win something!

Just a disclaimer that this isn't a sponsored post.. Nor did TFS ask me to do any form of giveaway or publicity for them. It's just that I only have one face and way too many makeup products at home. And I thought that the products would go to waste if I keep all of them to myself. Heh.

Just sharing some love this weekend! 👩‍❤️‍👩

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