Heading down to Scape because I'm so bored at home.


And because I'm gonna go pop by and harass Yoko at her booth… I wore a Nakedglory watch hahaha. Else later kena punched. @nakedglory

In my favourite kind of outfit! Top and skirt both from #TTR. Can you guess which items are these? Also, damn effort. Painted my nails to match the outfit. It's Don't Pretzel My Buttons by OPI.

It's been long since I've had time to sit down and paint my nails properly. Also because I ran out of topcoat la. It takes forever for my nails to dry without top coat and by the time they dry, got scratches all over already.

I'm damn anal about having perfectly painted nails so I have been putting off painting them. #ocd



My order at MOS burger is taking foreverrrr and I feel like I'm decomposing in the queue.


I was the only person in the queue and it's only 5 piece nuggets. Got very difficult meh.

There must be something wrong with the kitchen because there is now a crowd slowly forming at the collection point. Sigh. Why like that. 15 minutes for nuggets is not acceptable! 😑

Solo shopping in town and decided to pop by Sephora since I'm waiting for my friends.

The queue is surprisingly short now at Ion! Only took me 20 minutes in total to zip in, get the products I want and make payment!


My wallet is officially crying now. But so happy cause I've many new products to try out!! Girls will always be girls. Only got one face but don't know why need so many products. Lol.

Yay impromptu chilling sesh with the friends at Starker.

Check out the salted egg yolk sauce that we ordered for the sweet potato fries!

Had to add $3 for the sauce but SO WORTH IT.


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