Hall Mess + TTR OOTD

This was the cut in midi dress I was talking about the other day! Didn't get around to posting it up until today heh.

Launching tonight on #TTR!

I realise that I naturally gravitate towards dresses of this length nowadays. Especially on weekends when I don't know what to wear. Lolol. I'm secretly a lazy dresser.


And I need to go touch up my hair colour soon, seriously. Lighter? 😬

It's true when they say that once you go light, you can never go back. I really love having light coloured hair!

It's so eye catching and my friends can spot me from a mile away in public places. I'll never get lost. πŸ˜‚

Mmkay, shall make an appointment with Covo really soon!

Anyway, thank you all for being so enthusiastic about TFS giveaway two entries back!!

The response is so good and I shall look to do more giveaways in future.

Now the difficult part for me comes…….

So many comments how to decide??? Some of you are so sweet and wanted to win items for your friends somemore. Why so nice one… I legit wish I had more to give away!


Also launching some really versatile basics tonight.

This ribbed tee comes in 5 solid colours (white, black, navy, grey, mustard) and 2 stripes (navy stripes & red stripes) and is such a good piece to own in your wardrobe!

We picked a ribbed material that isn't too sheer/thin because I personally don't really like thin material when it comes to stretchy tees. And it mustn't be too thick either, considering Singapore's weather.

This is just right!

Navy stripes.

And here's me in mustard!


Also, loveee the skorts!

It's so easy to pair and the length is perfect (in my opinion hahaha).

Sold really well at the store the moment we stocked it in too!

Doing sister duties now, talk to you guys laterz!

Being back in hall makes me feel young.


Here today to help the little sissy shift back from hall!

Before we came I asked her if got a lot of things to bring home. Cause she already brought back a luggage and a bag of clothes back yesterday. And she said no, not many left.

But I stepped into her room and almost fainted. LOL. And hall is dusty/dirty as ever. My face is itching like mad just being here, after only 20 mins.


Hahaha. Turns out its her door.

Aww got a space dedicated to TTR somemore.


These are the nicest and most 可δ»₯见人 parts of her room btw. Lol. The rest must close eyes one.

"No hor, this is considered neat already!!"

Really????? Hahaha. I see left see right also looks like this place kena hit by tornado.

But yes, I believe this is considered neat already by her standards.

I'm not the neatest or minimal person around but I don't think I ever had this many things in my room back when I was staying in hall… Or that I ever let my room degenerate into such a state.

This is really. Haha. See already also cannot stand.

Presenting to you the mess that is Jessie's room. You need to bear in mind that this is only half the mess since she shifted out partially yesterday already.


Tsk tsk.

Suggested wrapping all her unwanted stuff inside the bed sheet so that it's easier to dispose of them.


I was helping her pack her clothes when I saw this.

πŸ‘§πŸΌ: eh this is your Halloween costume?

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: no la I bought it for normal wear!

πŸ‘§πŸΌ: *raise eyebrows* yknow this is VELVET right.. Plus the long sleeves and the cat face. How to wear???

πŸ‘ΆπŸ»: ehh I didn't know it was gonna come in this material la hahaha.


New collection up!!

http://www.thetinselrack.com ✨

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