Jo’s Birthday + TTR Store!

It's @jongsy's birthday today!


Successfully pulled off a mini surprise completed with cakes from Flor Patisserie and the Foreo Luna Mini for her!

I told her this year not going to plan a surprise… So I added her into the group chat for her birthday dinner with the TTR alumni girls. Hahaha. So she probably didn't expect this!



Got cake slices instead of the whole cake so that we can try different flavours!

Happy Birthday Sissy!

I wish you happiness every moment, every single day and throughout this lifetime. You're one of my biggest blessings in life.

I love you.



It's my shift at the store today and I had some time, so took some photos!

I love dabbling with visual merchandising. It's so satisfying to arrange the clothes and make them look visually pleasing. I still have so much to learn when it comes to this though.

Also, I'm having fun shopping in the store. Hahahah.

Eyeing these necklaces from Foundry & Co!!

Marble against marble.

YASSS our counter is now marble printed! The wallpaper finally arrived and it's no longer stark white. Whoopedoo.




I'm loving my counter deco too!

And today's #ootd, my oldies but goodies from #TTR!

We didn't do a restock for this top when it got sold out previously, but maybe we should. It's one of those designs that I didn't think much of.. But as I wear it, I grow to love it more! πŸ’•

And Clan Straight Leg Culottes which I kept 3 colours for. Still one of my favourite choices whenever I'm looking for bottoms to match my tops with!

I'm working but shopping at the same time.

Spotted something I like and immediately texted @nakedglory!


#borntoshopforcedtowork indeed.

Was super tempted by this grid faced watch because I'm into grids nowadays. Hahaha.

But then…… This marble one like chio also.


I'm usually quite decisive but this is such a tough call. 😩

I think imma go with marble though. So pretty! Shall go office and kop. So if any of you like it, it's still available at the store!

I'm obviously terrible at not shopping laa. Own shop also can shop until so happy. Hahaha.

Marble rings also damn gorg.


Sigh. Looking at this store makes me so happy I can't even.

Announcing the giveaway winners for TFS in a bit…

There were so many more comments than I expected so thank you all for the response!

Also I ended up keeping only 1 lippy for myself so that there can be another happy winner!


Will the winners please email me at with your mailing addresses? I'll mail the items out by the end of this week!

Don't be too disappointed if you don't win… I promise to share/giveaway more awesome products soon!

Hand cream – @xdirtyflowersx, @whattheelle, @pollenfields, @emmyloumarie, @vangxy

Concealer + Face mask – @cherinexie

Face mask x 2 – @nataliejanine, @thexy

Eyeshadow palette – @anpanzann

Lippy – @teosiewchin, @joycelynthiang, @chyepeiming, @drearydaisies

I hope I didn't type anyone's username wrongly!


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