May Birthdays 🎂🎉

Feat. my nua little puff.

This is how I feel like sometimes.

When I have to wake up in the morning but all I wanna do is to cancel the snooze button and sleep to my heart's content.

Long day ahead but let's go!!


Here is a #TTR update for you guise!

We're giving away $10 vouchers for $30 spent!


Vouchers are limited, so hurry!

And for those of you who have been asking me, our new arrivals (from Sunday launches) can be found in the store from Thursdays onwards.

Random but this is my new favourite drink whenever I work at or pop by the store.

So into hojicha anything nowadays! And this Matchaya drink which I got from Salad Stop comes with reduced sugar. I likeee. But holy it's $6 for a tiny bottle. Damn ex la.

Starbucks also came up with the hojicha latte recently but it's slightly sweeter so I always request for mine to be less sweet.

And also… I've been getting the acai bowl from Salad Stop too!

It's yummy and filling. Perfect for a light dinner.

Today's lunch location @ Tanuki Raw!

Love the newly revamped outlet at Orchard Central.

Waiting for my friendssss come quick I'm so hungry.

*stomach rumbles*

Drinks look interesting!!

Which one to order hmmmm.

Cakes from Lady M for the birthday girl @nakedglory!

Wanted to get her a whole cake initially but it costs a whooping $115??! So we got slices in the end because 1) can try the different flavours and 2) $115 for a cake is quite ridiculous?

Birthday girl looking pleased with the bouquet from Lyds and I!

I have another photo which is more "her" but hahaha this is a lot more appropriate for public platforms. LOL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! 😍 Thank you for always being a pillar, being such a sweet friend (yes sweet) and for adding so much life to my life! I hope you enjoyed the mini celebration we had for you today. Heh. 😘

So much yums. Food from Tanuki Raw, good as always! Mega love the Foie Gras Truffle Yakiniku Bowl.


I'm back to bringing my Olympus around and I can't believe I forgot how handy and compact it is when compared to my bulky 5D.

The photos are good enough for me on a daily basis too.

Back to loving my EP5!

Also, am more motivated to take photos and document random moments and places I've been to because of carrying the EP5 around.

Did lunch at Guzman Y Gomez @ Star Vista with Lyds yesterday so that we can do the bouquet!

I got the spicy grilled chicken quesadillas and it was so, so good.

The first time I tried Guzman was in Aussie last year around August. I don't think they were available in Singapore then.

So happy that they opened up here too! One of my favourite places to go for Mexican food, other than Muchachos.

Lyds' barramundi bowl. Also damn yums!

I ordered additional guacamole for $2 because….. How can I not?? Guac is awesomeness. 😍


May is the month I go broke every year because I have soooo many close ones around me that have their birthdays this month.

But it's also a happy "problem" because celebrations means I get to see their faces and we all get to go out for good food together!

Heading out for a birthday dinner celebration in a bit. And it's Japanese food again! 🍣🍤🍥

In the mood for a selfie today because lighting awesome + good makeup day!

And here's a lip colour which I'm loving lately!

I used to go for more coral/orangey bright lipstick shades but I'm growing to really like the muted nude shades recently.

Which is bad because my lippy collection is already big enough. Lol. I think I have enough lipsticks to last me for a lifetime.

On the lips: Wet N Wild Megalast in Sandstorm

I got it during the Watsons sale so it worked out to about $5 only?

Really worth it for the colour payoff. And it's not too drying on the lips either. Another shade I got was Cinnamon Spice but I've yet to wear it out. Heh.

Will definitely look at getting more colours from this brand/range since it's so affordable! 😍


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