Florist For A Day💐

Woke up to Instagram's new look and I love it!


Not too sure if they added any new features other than changing the outlook but I'll find out later. Haha.

Still trying to adjust to it but quite nice leh?

It has this clean look which makes the photos stand out more!


Okay, time for some #ootd updates!

As you can see, we're so in love with the Tiara Bow Top that we just had to come with a spring palette for it. Comes in pastel pink, pastel yellow, navy, plus launching the extras from backorder in white!

I surprised myself by keeping pink!

Err I think this is the second ever pink top that I ever ever ever own. Hahah.

It's not a colour that I usually go for but I think recently I've become more accepting towards it.

Never thought that I would turn into a pink kinda girl. But then again, I go through colours like seasons change. Hahah.

Pants are upcoming but we are still in the midst of trying out different kinds of fabric for this…. So, not so soon!

#TTR #thetinselrack

I get an immense sense of satisfaction whenever I get a nicely tied bow.


I'm the go-to person when it comes to tying bows or untangling necklaces or opening really tight containers/jars in my family. Some kinda obscure talent I have. #randomfactaboutme


And finally, I got to wear my nude pink heels out! These are so impractical because you have to tie them really reallyyyy tight (otherwise the lace up part keeps slipping downwards) but if you tie it too tight it's damn bad for blood circulation LOL.


I always bring my sandals out as backup whenever I wear heels. It's only sensible thing to do.

How some girls wear heels for the entire day is beyond me.

Had some time at the office earlier and I did a collage for the bow tops!


For those of you who have been asking, these will be launched during our regular Sunday launch this weekend! Already stocked in at Citylink. Remember that you can get a $10 voucher for your next purchase once you hit $30!

Love doing flatlays.


Spot the custom made TTR round mirror! It's the perfect size for applying lipsticks. Lol. 😂

Made a belated bouquet for Mother's Day a couple of days back. 💐

Didn't wrap it intentionally so that my mum can place it in a glass bottle after I give it to her!

Love how different it looks from different angles!

Not a fan of traditional bouquets. I much prefer rustic looking ones so the best is to put together one myself.

It isn't much cheaper though… Because Far East Flora sells their flowers in bulk and you might even end up having to pay more. It's only worth it if you're planning to make more than one bouquet.

It's so therapeutic though. To sit down and slowly put the different flowers together and make sure that the bouquet looks pretty from all angles.

I'll definitely consider being a florist in future when I'm retired. Sounds good. Being surrounded by nice smelling flowers every day. 😌

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