We’re On Shopee!

The first round of #TTR sales is now up….. On none other than Shopee! πŸŽ‰

I'm sure some of you are more than familiar with this app because they offer such awesome deals for such a wide range of products.

Our username on Shopee is @thetinselrack and we have a staff who will be in charge of running the account so the response time will be the roughly the same as if you shop with us on our main website.


Exclusive discount codes if you shop with us on Shopee!


Key in <TTR5> – $5 off min $10 for NEW buyers to shopee
Key in <TTR3> – $3 off min $10 for all existing buyers

We don't usually give discounts for sale items so this is a really good deal!

#shopee #sale #thetinselrack #TTR

I've personally been shopping using the Shopee app (HAHA) and can vouch for how fuss free and user friendly it is.

It's easy to use for both buyers and sellers!


How awesome is that you tell me. πŸ˜‡

On the other hand… I've never used Carousell. Lol. Just hearing all the #carouhell stories is enough to make me shun away from even creating an account leh. Hahaha.

Anyway back to Shopee.

Do follow us on our account because we will be uploading new items every now and then! And we'll be working with Shopee to come up with good deals for you girls, definitely.

Hokays gonna get busy for now, talk to yall later! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

Living dangerously right now because my sim card credits are running out but I'm still updating Dayre.

#dedication please

Didn't think that I would be keeping red for this upcoming Dallas Cropped Top but I thought it might come in handy for National Day. Lol. πŸ˜‚

The number of full blown red items in my wardrobe is zero if you don't count maroon/burgundy/wine red.

This isn't the usual colour I go for because it's a bit loud but we all need some attention seeking tops in the wardrobe right??

Matched the top with red lips because any other colour just looks a little lacklustre.


Happy because I get to put on my extremely underutilized red lippy. Hahaha.

Okay last photo before I bid my connection to the world goodbye.

Till later, when I manage to find somewhere to top up my sim card!

To make myself feel better about going on a work trip over the weekends…. I shopped at DFS.




So priddy.


Wanted to get this during the Sephora sale but it was terribly difficult to get hold of. And for good reason I suppose. 5 full sized blushez/bronzers for only $100+ before discount/tax exemption.

I got it for $89 at DFS! Which works out to about only $17.80 per colour?

Packaging πŸ’― leh. Love it!

All the colours look really usable too. Can't wait to try the palette out!

Rockateur is my favourite to look at for obvious reasons. I don't think I will bear to use it much….. Don't want the pattern to disappear. 😟

It's rose gold too. Yes I'm at it again. Hahaha.

So anyway. If you didn't manage to grab this during the Sephora sale, you can ask your friends who are travelling to get it from DFS for you! It's about $7-8 more expensive than at Sephora during the sale la. But still very much worth it in my opinion!


YSL Rogue Volupte Shine #16 which is a repurchase and Mac Satin in Mocha, also from DFS.

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