Work Trip Musings

Getting excited over fabric swatches!


The samples look really promising. Can't wait for the stocks to arrive so that we can launch them. And it means new clothes for my wardrobe too! 😬

Work trips are tiring because we tend to pack everything we have to do into a 3-day trip. I honestly wouldn't want to stay more than 3 days either. We mostly work late into the nights, till about 1-2 am.

Trying on samples, discussing the cutting and picking the colour palettes take up so much time you can't even imagine.

Especially when we have to mull over what colours to choose, what quantity to order etc. This must be where I get my decision making skills from. Hahaha. I'm usually quite quick but sometimes, 18479392 samples later, all the colour palettes start to look the same and you just don't know how to pick anymore.


But it's a really fun process though. One that I immensely enjoy out of all the different aspects of my job.

Envisioning a collection from zero to seeing it in real, physical form and then bringing out the best of them through photos.


It's satisfaction I won't be able to get elsewhere doing anything else.

#thetinselrack #TTR

So pretty. So neat.

I feel so happy just rifling through all the fabric swatches. Hahaha.

Sorry ah. Once I talk about work is liddis. I get carried away.


And yay, visiting the fabric market in a bit!

Just the other day, my mum was lamenting that we travel for work too often.

Our trips are on a monthly basis other than the post CNY period whereby we don't have to travel for a few months.

And she was asking if it was possible to make our trips once every two months instead.

Idk… As much as I dread travelling for work sometimes (because it just isn't the same as travelling for holidays) I like the idea of touching base with the factory every month.

Just so that the momentum can be kept going and I have a peace of mind that everything is running smoothly.

Maybe we can try to make it every 1.5 months though? But will see about that!

Besides… Work trips ain't all that bad when we get to steal moments like this.



Best θ θεŒ… evaaaa.

My life is complete.

There's Milk Cow here too. How awesome is that! I feel like I'm in Singapore actually. Hahaha.

Spot the Pull & Bear at the background of this photo. πŸ™ƒ

Legit matcha soft serve cone from McDonald's here!


Done with fabric shopping and happy with what we amassed so far.

Time for dinz at HDL! πŸŽ‰

The real and legit HDL from China. The queue is also super long here but we made reservations beforehand so we only have about 3 tables ahead of us!

Service is also crazy good here. And if I remember correctly, the bill came up to much lesser than if we ordered the same dishes in Singapore.

It's also raining like mad here and ma la pot sounds damn good right now. Mmm.

So their service is so good that….

You can request for an entire baby COT at your table. LIKE WHUT.



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