TTR X Belif Giveaway πŸŽ‰

Sending some happy thoughts your way on a Monday!

On our way to the airport now… Can't wait to be back in sunny SG!!


Forgot to tell you guise.

We're doing a giveaway for the Belif First Aid 360 Eye Care Mask on TTR's IG!

This month we're partnering up with Belif to bring you some sweet deals. And also, you can look forward to trying out Belif product samples which will be placed inside your parcels when you purchase from us next week onwards!

I'm so proud and at the same time feeling blessed that we have the opportunity to work with such prominent names on the market.

Belif is one skincare brand which I really really love personally!

I've been a user and avid fan of their masks ever since their first outlet opened up in Singapore quite a few years back.

Later I reach home and show yall my stash of Belif products kay. Hahaha. I have a small collection of masks which I use on a weekly basis! Which is saying something because I'm not the most diligent when it comes to masking laa. 🌚

When I first started TTR, I never thought that one day it would grow into a label that brands want to work/collab with.

And now… We actually have the chance to work with so many brands that I personally stand by and love. So unbelievable leh sobs. :')

We have many more partnerships coming up in the next couple of months… Look out for them! 😍

Praying hard that flight got no delay zz. Because forever delay by an hour. Lol. πŸ˜‚

My company while I wait to board – a good read and Starbucks chocolate muffin. 😊

Time flies when I get absorbed into the world of words.

Can't wait to watch this movie btw, Me Before You.

Saw the trailer a couple of months back and I've been hyped up for it since. Looks like it's going to be a movie whereby I need waterproof mascara and maybe waterproof makeup in general. Hahaha.

Just showered, lit my new candle and curling up in bed nao.

So good to be home and on my own comfy bed. And also, damn happy cause I got home to my new #Ofra lipsticks! LOL.

Gonna have a quiet, early night and brace myself for the week ahead!


Just a quick one since they're right beside me now. Super grainy photo because daylight's all gone and I'm lazy to whip the camera out but yaay, new colours for the lips!

L-R: Aries, Charmed, Mocha, Miami Fever, Hypno, Havana Nights



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