My uber is taking 83959277493 years to arrive so I shall show you all my rose gold sandals.

It's not so rose gold in this photo but it so is in real life!


I have another photo which was properly taken but lazy to go dig through my camera and transfer it now. Later!

Very bored while waiting. It's not that I have no patience but the uber app showed that driver was arriving in 4 mins but it's already more than 15 mins as of now….


Nail colour of the week is OPI's My Very First Knockwurst. Love this shade of dusty nude pink! And yes I have it on the toes as well. Hahaha. I feel uncomfortable wearing sandals if my toe nails aren't painted.

Can you tell….. That I really wait until very sian. Lol.



Time to update my hair colour!

Can't wait to see the magic that Yoshi is gonna work on my hair this time round.


Goodbye for now, blonde hair.


Can't wait to see how the new colour turns out!

Charlotte Tilbury's Stoned Rose on the lips today. #dayrebeauty

It's my current favourite lip colour out of my entire collection. Not one bit drying and brightens up my complexion without being overly loud and in your face. It's a nice, subtle rosy hue which looks really natural! Makes a nice MLBB shade I feel.

Not to mention that it comes in a rose gold tube. Hahahaha. πŸ’― for that please!

Still waiting for my hair to be done but I'm liking what I see. Heh.

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