Photoshoot Day!

It's 7.30am and I'm just done with breakfast.

My reason to wake up early this morning is…


Hope everything goes smoothly today! Didn't have the best of sleep last night but hurhur what's new leh?

Updates and photos later!!

Oh and here's a peek at my hair. So different from the previous colour right??

Took it anyhowly when I got home late last night because the sisters went "哇你ēš„夓发儽ēœ‹å»".

Hahahaha. Then I realised that I never got a good look at my hair even at the salon cause I trust my stylist like that.


Starting shoot in a bit!


Our gorgeous props for today!

Making this available to you reallyyyy soon!


#thetinselrack #TTR

Fresh from the phone!

Done with the outdoor part of our shoot and we were soooo lucky I can't even.

Heavy downpour the moment we wrapped up.


My fuel.

One of my favourites from our launches next couple of weeks.

Legit blogging on the job now soz for the short and abrupt sentences hahaha.


One of our longest shoots ever. Lasted for close to 6 hours. But it helps when you work with nice people. Makes it that much more enjoyable.

The resulting visuals are awesome as well. Can't wait to share more!!


Loving our new backdrop! Gonna give the website a slightly different look from the next collection (which won't be this Sunday because we have something else planned!!) onwards.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Also… Here to tell you all that restocks for my favourite midi is now available on TTR's website!

Click on the "Back In Stock" under the SHOP drop down menu so that you don't have to navigate too far back yeah?

Also available at Citylink! Heh.

Iz really….. My absolute favourite piece in my wardrobe.


I can't decide which colour I like the most. I'm impartial to every single colour when it comes to this design. Obsessive much hahaha.

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