Sleep Woes

Eating a proper breakfast to start my day on a good note!

Scrambled eggs sound easy but not so easy to perfect. Mine is not wobbly enough and a tad overcooked, for sure.

Sprinkled some truffle salt all over and there we go.


GOOD MORNING EVERYONE! ✨ I hope your day gets off to a great start… Cause it's just 2 more days till the weekend comes around!


My quality of sleep has been so horrible of late.

I'll toss and turn and toss and turn until I finallyyy drift off into sleep. And then it's shallow sleep + a lot of action-packed dreams. And I wake up every few hours or so.


Sleep also so difficult sigh. This problem went away for a while a few months back but is now back to haunt me. I'm walking around with huge eyebags every day and it's not funny kay.

I think maybe I just worry/think too much. About nothing in particular and everything in general.

So desperate that I'm even thinking of downloading those apps that come with soothing or like natural-sounding music yknow. Hahahah.

Saw this the other day on a website. I think Sephora?

Looks very gimmicky hor? Anyone knows if it works?? Lol.

It's like trying to fall asleep every night is a challenge yknow??? Sleeping is supposed to be relaxing but it becomes a source of stress for me cause I have to try so hard wtf.

I take an average of an hour to fall asleep and even then it's not uninterrupted, dreamless sleep. It's affecting my concentration at work and it's making me easily annoyed at small things as compared to before.



Sleepless rants aside… Check out my new hair colour!!

More photos tomorrow hehe.

Btw, wearing Ofra's Charmed on the lips!


It looks slightly less grey under warm, indoor lighting. I love it! It's a nice, fresh change.

Kay goodnight in advance everyone, I'm going to try to do relaxing things + stay away from my phone and get some decent sleep tonight.


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