Lezgo Prawning 🍤

Went prawning for the first ever time in my life last night and it was so so so fun!

We caught about 15-16 prawns but halfway I accidentally unhooked the basket and it fell into the pond FML.

Lucky 6 prawns managed to swim free. Hahaha.

There was also a person who ended up giving his entire haul to us randomly because he didn't wanna bring his prawns home.

Tbh I think it was fun for us because we caught a decent number of prawns compared to other prawners (what dyou call people who prawn btw??).

I think I fared pretty well except the part whereby yknow, you have to pull the line taut and hold the rod at 90 deg when you sense that there's something biting at the bait, then have to flick it upwards in a swift motion so that the hook gets caught in the prawn…….


Just anyhow fling only please. 😂

And this was what the prawns ended up as.

My dinner tonight.


I think it's a really fun activity if you have a few hours to spend. Maybe it was good for me cause 1) I haven't been prawning before and 2) we managed to catch a lot of prawns (hahaha), but no harm giving it a try if you haven't before!!

The one we went to is called Hai Bin and it's located at 6 Tebing Lane.

And ooh, they are open 24 hours!


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