Me Before You ✨

Either this REALLY works, or they put some kinda drug inside, or its a fluke.

Try again tonight and let yall know because I believe I got quite a good sleep last night. No idea if it's because of this so it calls for more rounds of testing.


One week in and hair is fading off nicely. The colour is still 😍😍😍!

It shows up as different colours from different angles/under different lighting.

Randomly had HDL for lunch on a weekday because DX the birthday girl wanted it. Lol.

SO MEGA FULL PLEASE. I feel like I can skip the next two meals already.


So excited!!


It feels damn shioks to be able to catch the premiere for this (thank you Nuffnang for the tickets!) because I've been looking forward to it since idk how many months back!!

Grabbing our drinks!!

So that we can hydrate and prepare ourselves for the crying fest later. Hahahaha.


Grabbed the green milk tea because it's more awesome than their original Thai Milk Tea!


And woohooo comfortably seated already!

I'm prepared. Bring it on.


Because it's free seating… We decided to be kiasu Singaporeans and enter the theatre 10 mins earlier to get good seats!

Last row seats ftw! 🙌🏻

I love the show!!

It was so, so good with just the right amount of light humour and romance. And of course, tear jerking moments towards the end. And also…. Not forgetting Sam Claflin! Heh.

Everyone please go catch it!

Thank God I didn't put on mascara or use any non waterproof eyeliner today. LOL.

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