When your lip colour is a match made in heaven with the colour of your blouse.


Wearing Ofra Miami Fever on the lips and upcoming resort style blouse from #TTR!


A good sleep does inexorable wonders to the mood.

Starting today on an awesome note and all ready to thrash it out with my to-do-list!

The food trends in Singapore are always so extreme.

Now everything also must golden and must lava. LOL. This is from Toast Box in case any of you wanna go try!!

Bought these for tea time at the office! $2.40 each, buy 5 get 1 free from Bread Talk!


Tried the salted egg lava cheese tart and I like it!!

Got the Bake cheese tarts when I was in bkk a couple months back and I would say that Breadtalk's actually fares pretty decent if you wanna compare and aren't overly picky about it. Hahaha.

Would go for this anytime rather than queuing in line for 1-2 hours for the real deal, actually. Or maybe I'm biased against having to queue since I've already tried Bake before. But this is a pretty good alternative I would say!

My new favourite shade on the lips – Terracotta – is now available in blouse version. Launching this on TTR on Sunday!


The good thing about my obsessions is that I have something to channel them to.


I somehow look very tanned in this set of photos. Lol. But I haven't been tanning ever since I came back from Bali!

Collar details are not obvious from my photos but it's a really nice mandarin collar design.


Comes in White, Cornflower Blue and Dove Grey and Terracotta (as seen!).


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