I love high neck tops. They just look effortlessly classy idk why.


This top is super comfy despite being high collared because we picked a soft cotton to do it in.

Matched it with my favourite pair of pants hahaha.


We made it in stripes toooo!


The pleated midi again, yes. I'm getting boring with my outfit combinations lol. Need to stop it. But it's like everytime I pick pieces out from my wardrobe, my hands and eyes will be hovering over either 1) the pleated midi or 2) the awesome culottes.


New arrivals upcoming on this Sunday's collection is already stocked in at Citylink!


And hello, new sneakers!

Finally θˆεΎ— wear them out. I have this thing about keeping new shoes away until I really, really feel like wearing them out. Don't wanna get them dirty or make them worn out too soon. Hahaha. Am I weird???

Love the nude pink and gold bits.


Blush pink obsession. Hahaha.

Trying to take a photo for my shoes and somepawdy just conveniently plopped herself down.

Good lor. Then I don't have to find other things to put in the flatlay.


My first time having Omakase Burger and so awesome I love it!!

The sweet potato fries are 😍😍😍 please!!

Doing furniture shopping today.

Crate & Barrel Y U SO CHIO BUT SO EX.



It's like I will never bring myself to spend $2.8k on a lounge chair no matter how ridiculously comfortable it is laa.

It's just something that would be nice to own but like so extravagant and unnecessary hahahah.

End up we got this side table… Not from C&B la of course. Their prices are through the roof.

For the office modem. And random things like my mags and cups and erm dreamcatcher. Hahaha.

Can't wait to fill up the rest of this space!

And yes….. I'm finally getting down to my priceofmakeup post tomorrow. Hahaha.

It's so hard to get the prices! Sometimes Google also don't have. Or it's like in a different currency.

Then some of the items my prices looks different from what other people posted. Ugh. So I'm just going to wing it okay. For the prices. Agar jiu hao.

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