This week's nail colour – You're Such A Budapest from OPI πŸ’…

Love this pretty and soft shade of periwinkle! πŸ’•

Assembling Ikea stuff will be the death of me.

Bought a standing lamp for the office and I thought it looked easy enough so I didn't opt for assembly/delivery.

So this is the lamp shade la. Which I was feeling rather proud of because I managed to do it up. Side note, the inside of the shade how chio??! It's like this bronzey rose gold shade hehe.

So anyway, I was like "oh hey okay this is easy! Okay what I'm quite good at this."

Until I got to the lamp stand. Hahahaha.

I don't think it's THAT difficult. But ugh need handyman tools like electric drill etc. LIKE THAT HOW.

Do I look like I randomly have industrial drills lying around?? πŸ™„

Looks like I need to bug the delivery/assembly guy to do it when they deliver the lounge chair also. Sighhh. Still thought can DIY. Obviously thinking too much. Hahahah.

Looks like everything is coming together nicely.


Finally got a small space to do work and chill in! And also, next time if I have any meetings…. Really can meet in the office already.

Always ask people if can meet outside because seriously there's not one inch of space in the current office that can see the light. LOL. πŸ˜‚

Sharing this love with you girls on Dayre!

This was included in the TTR edm that just went out but I decided to also post it here in case you're not on our mailing list. Heh.

This is the final bit of our TTR X Belif collab!

Look forward to more brand collabs coming your way in the next couple of months yeah! ☺️

Forgot to post my #ootd for the Kyra Midi Dress last week!

No surprise that I kept this colour. Super tempted to keep black also cause it's so my kinda dress.


I know this photos looks like the one above but try spotting the difference ya. Hahaha. Was in a rush that day so didn't take too many variations!!

Anyway. This dress is made of the same material as the Clark Basic Tee which many of our shoppers love. Heh. Awesome comfy basic pieces ftw! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

My friend is DA BEZ.



And my lovely friend proceeded to send me these.


I'm just not cut out to go work for Ikea as assembly person. Hahahaha.



Not a cat person but OMG HOW KEWT IS DIS CAT!!!


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