Workspace ✨

Productive afternoon spent at the new workspace.

Some days, I love the idea of having a small space that I can just tune out all external distractions and focus on whatever tasks I have on hand.

Just some days. Most days I still prefer having people around la hahaha.

Can't wait for the delivery of furniture!!

✔️ table + bookshelf coming in today
✔️ lounge chair coming in tomorrow

And then I just need to find a hugeass standing mirror to complete the move in. Woohoo. Can't wait!

Meanwhile I'll enjoy the bare state while it lasts. Once all the furniture come in. There's no turning back. LOL.

Caught today's sunset from the office!

In the end the table came today but they delivered the wrong bookshelf! 🙅🏻

So I guess tomorrow is going to be the exciting day since both the couch and bookshelf are coming in. Then the workspace is mostly complete!

Although I still need to get small knick knacks like photoframes etc. But those I feel like I can slowly take my time hahaha.


The iMac just makes the entire workspace looks more legit x 100000. Lol.

I like sprinkling bits of TTR all over. Hehe.


Before the table came in.

And a random corner of the workspace.

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