Selling My Preloved!! πŸ’•


I've set up a Shopee account for my preloved items!!

Username is as always, <joycesayshello>!

The folks at Shopee have been really kind and they have provided me with discount codes for my shoppers!

Existing users can quote <joyce3> for $3 off $6 spent and new users can utilise <joyce5> for $5 off $10 spent! PLUS FREE NORMAL SHIPPING.

The exciting thing is… I really have $6 and $10 items! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Follow me on Shopee okay!! I'm still in the midst of sorting out my stuff and will continually be listing items on my account.

Also, expect items not just from TTR! I have lots of items from high street labels as well. And will be selling items other than clothing!


My wardrobe and @jongsy are equally pleased that I'm selling my stuff on Shopee. Hahaha.

I used to go for flea events once a year but this year really too busy. Find my preloved items on Shopee!

Tried a new lip colour today and I really likey!

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Rayezor.

Surprisingly I like it more than Brink! 😍 It's the perfect nude shade on my lips but it doesn't make my face look washed out and it even has this slightly brightening effect which makes my face look more "alive" than my usual lip colours. Lol.

I'm slightly on the tanned side so the normal nude shades that look so good on most people sometimes fail on me. This is just about perfect!

Oh ya my colourpop package finally arrived so I'm having fun trying out different lip colours everyday. Lolol.

#colourpop #dayrebeauty

And now I'm gonna be spamming #ootd photos of my ultimate favourite shirt dress.

I'm not a dress kind of girl but I have lots and lots of shirt dresses in my wardrobe. Lol. Everytime I see a shirt dress, I buy. Buy until @jongsy says all my shirt dresses look the same to her.

Ever since this piece arrived in the shipment months ago, I've been wearing it every other week!

Love that this isn't made of the usual cotton but a more weighty material.



The material feels really luxe and if you need to get a feel yourself, it's already stocked in at our Citylink store!

Our entire team is gonna keep this dress (I think). Hahaha. And I made it in 5 colours! Whenever that happens, you know that I really like the design.

Also comes in maroon, black, navy and olive. The piece I'm wearing is forest!

I think I'm going to keep all colours. Hahaha. Crazy or crazy??

So much πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• for this design!

#TTR #thetinselrack

Also, from tomorrow onwards we'll be giving away samples of the MegRhythm steam eye mask at the store with every purchase!

I find that using the mask at night helps me drift off into sleep easier, actually. My favourites are the yuzu and lavender scented ones!

While stocks last only ah. Tell you all first.

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