2 weeks abs challenge?!

Some days are just harder to get out of bed than the others…

Heading to office early today for photoshoot!


A recap of my meals yesterday.

I had Korean food for lunch and then Korean food for dinner again. Hahaha. I don't usually eat Korean so it was a bit too coincidental that the two groups of friends I met for meals both wanted Korean!

6 side dishes for my 6/6 date with @jazreeltan!

The initial plan was to go eat 6 different kinds of food but erm haha we realised that it would be too ambitious. LOL.

6 side dishes also counted la kay.


Jaz suggested this place called Doong Ji along East Coast Road!

And I liked it!!

The tofu stew soup was one of the best I've had in Singapore. And portion size was pretty generous! We ordered one stew, one hot plate of pork and a steamed egg thingy, 2 iced citron tea and only paid $40.40 in total!

The only thing was that they don't do refills for the side dishes. Meh.

Plus points because near my office. 😍

This was the steam egg! Reminds me of what my mum used to make at home. The taste is really similar! So I've been eating Korean food since young…. Hahaha.

Dinner was at Andong Jjimdak at Raffles City!

I also included the unit number in the photo. Hahaha. But anyway. It's located away from the main cluster and towards the buffet town area!

I haven't tried jjimdak in Singapore. The last time I had this was in Seoul. Which was so so good and thus I kinda had expectations for this. Lol.

We went with the boneless jjimdak because lazy. Hahaha.

All the cheesy items look good too. 😍😍😍

But we weren't too hungry so we decided to try the original flavour!

Is really Korean overload for me yesterday.

And this was actually really, really good! Mildly spicy and well braised. 👌🏻

The potatoes were just the right amount of soft and mushy. My friends liked the glass noodles but I found it a tad too chewy for me. Tasted like pearls but in noodle version.


Am currently on a one month abs challenge.

So how it works is… If I don't achieve abs in a month's time, I lose a bet.

It's already almost 2 weeks into the month and I haven't done shit. WHAT ABS HOW I DIE ALREADY. So desperate that I started googling for "fastest and most effective way to get abs for women" etc LOL. 😂

Decided to hit the gym at least 3 times a week starting from this week and cut down on all the junk food.

But 2 weeks leh. Sounds a little impossible to me.

Anyone got tips that actually work?? 有没有? I will appreciate it x100000!

At this point of time I will try anything and everything. Hahaha. Shouldn't have procrastinated omg. Zzz.

I think the hardest part of all has to be eating clean/green though.

Diet life is sad life. Meh.

Popiah for lunch like a healthy please.

And here's my nail colour of the week – OPI's Infinite Shine 2 in Staying Neutral!

I really like the formula for this one because it's not streaky at all and 2 coats is enough to achieve a nice opacity! Also… It's shinier compared to the normal OPI colours and you can skip top coat if you want to. But I still applied my top coat cause it dries faster with and I'm impatient like that.

Hahaha. 😂


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