Rose Gold All Day ✨

I'm munching on blueberries while waiting for the sisters to get ready for our brunch date so I thought I would show you girls what's going up on the website tonight!

My rose gold obsession is real.

Hahaha. It's been long since we brought in any accessories but during my work trip I was doing some *ahem* personal shopping and thought that it would be a fab idea to bring in those items I shopped for myself to TTR as well.



The tassle is so adorable hehe. I love the way it dangles when I move my hand. Makes me feel like gesturing all the time hahahah.

Actually everything I also like.

Cause it's everything I bought for myself la. Hahaha. So I might be just a teeny bit biased.. Don't mind me.


Midi ring!!

So chio right. 😍😍😍

I made @jongsy be my hand model. Lol.

Okay running out of words to tell you how much I love rose gold stuff already. Catch our launch tonight!!

Some of the items look a little more gold than rose gold in photos but I think it's due to the lighting!

Got bags too! Show you all in a bit okay. Gonna get ready to head out.

It's been a week since I shifted into the new workspace and I really love doing my work there! The couch can be a bit of a distraction but it's good for when my friends come over to crash. Hahaha.

Still in the midst of bringing more things over and perfecting some areas but for now it's more than good enough.


Took some photos the other day. Gonna post them on my blog soon!

I also like that there's plenty of natural light in the day!!

Natural light > artificial light anytime please.

And our collaboration with Lucido-l coming up soon!


Back with a preview for the bags!


Comes in three different colours. I personally prefer this black one with the snake print. It's more unique compared to the solid colours eh I feel!

Camel colour is pretty nice too! Iz okay I have until 8pm tonight to decide on the colour to keep. 😶

The flap is made of a velvety material while the body is faux leather. The dangling chain so naise!

Miami Fever from Ofra on the lips today! I realise I like wearing this lip colour when I'm wearing loose fit blouses. Hahaha. It somehow matches very nicely.



Super love the relaxed and bohemian vibe of this piece. The sleeves are huge and trumpet-y!!


Gonna hoard all the colours maybe… Lol. I can see myself wearing this like. Every weekend?

#thetinselrack #TTR #ootd

More photos later if I'm not lazy to upload from my cam!

Inserting a random photo of my nails because I can't get over how pretty this colour is!! Super in sync with my entire outfit today and matches my nude sandals so well. Heh.


I realise that all my outfit photos today are all bits and pieces and quite abstract. Hahaha.

You have to virtually jigsaw puzzle them together to form the full outfit. Later la okay. I'll post by tonight!!

The bangle can also be rotated to the other side and worn like that!

One bangle, two looks. Heh.


Okay so finally here are the proper ootd photos!


Super love this top eh really!

Top will be launched this Sunday on the website and it will be available at our Citylink store from tomorrow onwards!

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