This week is almost over. Unknowingly about half of 2016 has gone by. It's crazy how weeks just seem to zoom past me. Is this a side effect of growing old(er)?

When I was schooling I feel that time seems to stretch on foreverrrr. Hahaha. But tbh I didn't really like my life as a student that much la. I love working life so much more!

I'm happy to wake up every day and I go to bed a happy person although I have insomnia sometimes hahaha. Recently it's getting better tho!! 😌

I think most of my friends prefer studying tho. Whenever they make comments like "I miss being a student" or "life as a student is so much better than life as a working adult", I just cannot relate leh?

I don't think I'm not a studious person. I actually like studying. But somehow I enjoy working more. It's probably also due to the nature of what I do. But I believe that everyone has (somewhat) a choice when it comes to their jobs, no?

It's up to you to find something you like, if not at least a job that is at least bearable. Or doesn't make you dread waking up in the morning.

I have never believed that as long as you have passion, you can make something work. Because sometimes passion 不可δ»₯当ι₯­εƒ also. There must be a practical element to it laa.

If like you're struggling to keep thing afloat and your bank account is running low, then passion really serves no purpose amirite??

Oh yes so back to my point about studying vs working.

Working gives me more control over my finances. I earn my own keep and therefore I decide what I wanna do with the money. I really love this part about work life!

As a student, whatever you wanna do is largely controlled by how much money you have lying in your bank account. And most of it, if you don't work part time, is pocket money. Which is not that much la. At least not for me.

My parents are not the kind who spoil us by buying whatever we want for us. They run their own business but they are extremely frugal and careful with money.

My dad doesn't even believe in travelling because he feels that it's a waste of money. Every time he sees us packing our luggage, he would be like "ζ•΄ε€©ε‡Ίε›½εšδ»€δΉˆ" with a mega frown on his face hahahaha.

I think the last time (and also the only time) that we travelled as a family was…… When I was in primary school. To Penang.

My dad is the happiest when he gets to stay at home and not go anywhere. πŸ™„

But now I'm spending my own money so he can't stop me from travelling also la. I don't think I've travelled much as a student because no financial freedom.

Being a student is more carefree?

This is the part that I don't agree with also.

Being a student is no less carefree than being a working adult.

You have homework to do, lessons to attend, CCAs to participate in and exams to take. Then when you don't do well for exams, you need to answer to your parents and your parents need to go and meet your teachers. Hahaha.

As an adult, you just make sure you do your work well and pay your bills on time. And sure, you have to answer to your boss and your clients.

If your boss sucks or your clients are overly unreasonable, you always have the choice to call it quits. Not that I'm encouraging of this mindset la.

But as a student, even if you don't like your teachers it's also not so easy to just say that you don't wanna study anymore, right?

I've no idea how this post turned out to be this way hahahaha. But anyway.

No matter what you're doing now, be it studying or working, go make the most out of it and find joy in the small things!

Happy Friday to you all!!

It's gonna be a wonderful day for me. Going to work, then attending The Face Shop's store opening at Tampines One, and joining my TTR alumni girls for late night movie after!

πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

Yesterday Lyds popped by the office while I was doing some work on the imac and the moment she walked in she was like "wait ah don't move I help you take a photo! So nice hahahah."

And that's how this photo came about LOL. πŸ˜‚

Not candid at all one.

Ooh VSCO just got an update! It looks so different now bahh.

I don't like it when the look of apps change too drastically. It suddenly feels foreign and now I have to get used to it all over again sigh.

Brought my own lunch box today because the rest are going for DTF and I foresee that my diet will spiral downwards if I go. Hahaha.

Auds is staying in the office with me so I cooked for us both!

Chicken breast pan fried in Teriyaki sauce and broccoli which I blanched and then stir fried with some oyster sauce. Sprinkled some Japanese seaweed seasoning all over to make it a bit more tasty!

And then I feel compelled to make my meal colourful so I threw in some cherry tomatoes + golden kiwi!

My meals next week are gonna be interesting because I'm collaborating with this company which does healthy meals! They emailed me and it was coincidental that I have been following them on IG for sometime (their photos damn niceee it makes healthy eating less daunting) and I'm doing this abs thing, so… I SAID YES!

So excited for my lunches next week hehehe.

New addition to my pile of super chio but useless things at the workspace. Hahaha. ✨

Bought this bunch of corn kernel lookalike dried flowers for my copper vase #justbecause.

And this couch. Best buy please.

It's so comfy that you just wanna fall into deep sleep forever and ever like Sleeping Beauty.

It's a good thing my chair faces the imac instead of the couch. Else it would be a very unproductive workspace.

I definitely under utilise it though. I think my friends spend more time on it than I do. Hahaha. So I'm lying on it while updating my Dayre like right now.

I feel like if I close my eyes now I might wake up the next morning wondering where I am. Hahaha.

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