6.30am day ☀️

Today's sunrise at 6.40am.

I can't remember when was the last time I woke up so early without the buzzing of an alarm.

Usually I dive right back into sleep but today I decided to shoo myself out of bed and have a hearty breakfast before hot yoga at 8.30am later.

You know those FB articles titled "5 habits of successful people" or "8 things successful entrepreneurs do before 8 in the morning" etc. Yup I believe I'm getting there. HAHAHAHA.

Xb be like "dis beetch Y U no let me sleep in peace go away"

Lol its funny how she loathes having her photo taken. It's so apparent cause she will always look in another direction whenever the camera/phone is pointing at her. So smart right!

But so annoying cause everytime she looks adorable/she does something cute… The instant you whip out your camera to capture the moment is the moment she decides to stop doing whatever.


不听话的小狗 sigh

This tee……… 😒

Yoko gleefully presented this to me yesterday and was like "nah! This is for you. I thought of you when I saw this!"

And I was like "✋🏻 if I'm wearing this on myself, you're the one who is posting too much since you're the one reading the words off the tee".


Hahahah. This ended up being lup-ed over my cushion in the office. LOL.

The colours all damn niceee WHY 😩😩😩

Shopee promotion alert!! Available for both TTR account and my personal account. Hehe. Special discount for GSS!

I'll be clearing more items from my wardrobe stash soon.. Stay tuned!!

Met up for brunch with @bbernice and dragged @jongsy along since we had to head back to work after. Heh.

Bernice suggested Senate Coffee because I wanted to eat healthy. It's a new place opened by the guys behind Populus Coffee. And Populus had really nice food the last time I went!


Senate Coffee
1 Pickering St

I love places with nice counter designs.


Mismatched tile detailing!

It is actually a little tricky to locate. The address is 1 Pickering Street, which is the Great Eastern Building. But then it's located within FIV5 which is on ground level of the building. Hahaha.

I've been there a few times to know where is it so I gave directions to poor B who got lost. 😂✌️🏻

We all crafted our own bowls! I think this is a really good concept. Plus, the price difference between this and their regular bowls was negligible, if not none.

Their regular bowls sounded really good too!!

We contemplated for quite some time between ordering off the menu or making our own. Hahaha.

They have this automated ordering POS which is really convenient and foolproof to use!.

There's also the option to pay via cash/nets/credit card.

Choices, choices.


Let's see if I can even remember what I ordered.

I had the 3 mixed grains for base, mixed mushroom salad, braised beef cheeks for my protein, sous vide egg, grilled baby corn with furikake and nori!

Healthy food ftw ✌️🏻

I paid around $20 for my bowl? Which I guess is pricey for day to day lunch but okay if you have it once in a while. The portion is pretty decent too!

I forgot if it was Bernice or Jo who said it… But it technically is atas healthy chap chye peng if you think about it.



For me, working out and eating healthy is a package deal.

When I put in the effort to work out, I actually want to eat healthy because I don't want my hard work to go to waste.

But actually if I don't work out then all the more should stay away from junk food right? Hahaha. My logic damn fail but it just works like that for me la. So when I'm leading a healthy lifestyle it's damn healthy. When it degenerates then it goes downhill all the way.


Is it my hair slowly becoming blonde again?? 😍😍😍

Or maybe the sun extra strong so my hair looks extra light. Hmmmm.

And here's my outfit for today! 🙌🏻

This gets extra love because the pants are soooo awesome hehe. I'm already sure that I will repeat this combination again some day!

Pants are coming up on #TTR this Sunday. It's the Cory Flare Pants which we did in grids previously but much more luxe because the material is smooth and reallyyyy weighty. Woohoo.

Erm. Actually.

It's not supposed to look as pleat-y as it does in my photos. But.

My steam iron died. Hahaha. So I wore it out without ironing!!


My friend Lyds bought every single colour of this pair of pants (grids included) and she just texted me with a screenshot of this outfit "TAKE MY MONEY" cause it probably looked really different. Haha. Oops.

Okay this photo doesn't look so bad right. I've been running around all day with crumpled pants I took straight out of the plastic packaging.


Wanna keep all the colours but my wardrobe gonna explode plus this one so thick and weighty….. So. Maybe this taupe colour and black only!

Comes in a nice shade of lilac grey too!

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