Midweek goodies!


It feels nice to be writing here again after I'm done recharging for the weekend.

I usually enjoy my weekends a bit too much that updating Dayre is not at the foremost of my mind. Hahaha. Weekends are just for nua-ing + spending time with people around me + enjoying me time.

Anyway. Featured in this flatlay is the Cambria Pelmet Skirt which was just launched this weekend, and marble sunnies which I will come to in a bit.

And also. Yes even my bull clips are rose gold.

*inserts sheepish face*


I kept the skirt in both Olive and Amber! Unknowingly have been wearing them out a couple times because it's so easy to slip on with any kind of top.

But I've been forgetting to bring my camera around lately. So…. I only have this #ootd to share for the skirt. Hahaha.

It's made of the cutest thick suede material and I love it cause it's slightly furry and feels nice to touch.


Couple of exciting things happening this week:

1) Started on my eat healthy journey with Grain!! If you've been following on my IG you would have stolen some peeks, but I kept most of the photos for Dayre! Will probably update by the end of this week heh.

2) Going on work trip this weekend! The only exciting part actually is seeing the new samples (woohoo!) and DFS. LOL. πŸ˜‚

And yes…… My abs got a bit of progress! This was taken yesterday morning after breakfast.


Not so confident about getting them really toned by the deadline but I don't think I will be very far off either. Hahaha. On my way to winning the bet. 🍻

In other news… We're gonna have a small collection of shades + stationery up on the site tonight at 8pm!

I love these mini midweek launches because they're kinda like my personal curation of items other than apparels.

They are somewhat my personal shopping haul that I bring in extra pieces of to "share" with TTR shoppers!

I really like the transparent frame on this pair.


YURPS. Marble obsession still going on strong. Hahaha. I brought in 2 different marble designs this time round. This pair is with blue/green tinted lens!

This is the other pair with silver reflection lens and a slightly square frame.

I think these make a nice statement pair. And also, they look very good in flatlays hahahaha. Refer to the first photo of this post! ☝️🏻

Another pair with transparent frame! I like the unique shape of this pair. It also looks really flattering on different face shapes!

I tend to steer clear of round shades personally because I find that they just don't do it for me? And they feel a bit too hipster somehow. Lol. πŸ˜‚

My favourite style of sunnies is aviators but I didn't bring in any this time round! Maybe next?

The most wearable pair out of all that we're launching tonight, in my opinion.

I like the double gold bars, it gives a very expensive vibe. Hahah.


Quick peek at today's desk lunch! 😍

I've never been happier to eat healthy. Heh. Can't wait to nom in abit!!

Continuing with my updates for tonight's mini launch!

I love this set of postcards!

The colour combination makes me so happy. Hahaha. And the crazy hair one is πŸ˜‚. I'm sure everyone has a crazy-hair-friend to give that card to.

One Step At A Time notebook.

Heart And Soul notebook.

It's Going To Be Amazing notebook.

And another cute set of postcards for your loved ones!

These are way too cute please. Hahaha. Cheesy but cute. I like!

I always feel blessed whenever I receive handwritten noted from my friends so I'm trying to make it a habit to do it back for my friends nowadays. And it's so convenient that we're selling postcards on TTR because I can just grab them from the office whenever I wanna write small notes of love to brighten up someone's day.


My two favourites from this set!!

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