Post Work Trip

BACK FROM WORK TRIP! And a really fruitful one at that.

✔️ approved enough samples so we can go 1.5 months later instead of 1 month!

✔️ lots of chio shades coming up!!

✔️ did personal shopping for earrings (my latest obsession HAHAHA) and brought back 1 additional piece for each design I bought, will be listing them on my personal shopee account tonight lolol

Sharing some random snaps from the trip.

Mushroom soup from room service BUT gahh they completely forgot to season it so we had to call them to deliver us the salt shaker before we could slurp it up.

It's amazing how a few tiny white specks can make a dish transform from F to A++.

Matcha soft serve in oreo cone!

How come sg McDonald's don't have amazing flavours for soft serve one ah.

The oreo cone didn't really taste of oreo at all but hey at least they included half a mini oreo at the side of the soft serve. Heh.

Pretty sunset spotted while in the midst of placing orders for the upcoming apparels!

Anyway…. Here are some backlog photos of my #ootd. Been wanting to upload them before my work trip but things got in the way.

Shall post them up before they become ancient! LOL. 😂

This top is a combination of two styles which I am OBSESSED 😍😍😍 with. I guess you can tell what styles I'm into at any moment.. Cause that's when you see them all over #TTR.

Hahaha. Our second bell sleeve top and counting!

Bell sleeve tops just have a way of making your arms look skinnier than they really are because the sleeves flare out towards the opening. Such a clever design! I absolutely loveee.

Wasn't into bell sleeves much previously but I foresee my collection building up slowly but surely these days. Hahah.

Kept it in Taupe too, of course!!

Do I look like I'm blending in with my furry throw on the couch??


This top goes perfect with long necklaces imo.


This colour is all sold out on site but fret not cause backorders will be opened in a jiffy!

These are the earrings I was talking about earlier in my post!

Listed 12 designs on my Shopee account… Only one pair available for sale in each design, because I really bring in for fun one. Hahaha.

I was really just gonna get these for myself when @jongsy suggested for me to bring in one more pair since previously a few of you have been asking me about the earrings/ear studs I wear. So I thought, okay why not?

I really honestly like every single design because haha why else would I get them for myself right?

So I don't think I'll be spamming all the photos here. Else you'll keep seeing photos of my ears. LOL.

Hop over to my Shopee to browse the designs?

I received some queries previously when I posted this photo. I guess quite a few of you like the idea of wearing such ear studs! Idk what they are called or if there's a special name for these. Lol clearly not an accessories expert here. Hahaha.

Didn't manage to find the same one but found a few pairs with similar style!

Rose gold stars and diamantes.

I think the rose gold is not as apparent on the photos which I'm wearing the ear studs. The product photos are more true to colour!

I really really love this pair!

It comes with a side cuff to secure it in place.


These leafy ones are cute too!


I like the idea of this too!

The bottom part dangles out from the back part. Hahahha. Omg. I suck at describing. But anyway. You'll know how to wear it when you receive it! It's quite intuitive. Lol.

Close up!

Existing Shopee users can quote <joyce3> for $3 off $6 spent and new users can utilise <joyce5> for $5 off $10 spent! Free normal shipping for all orders. 🎉

All the earrings are pending/sold for now!! And it's barely an hour since I listed them up.


Will definitely think about bringing more items in the next time I shop for myself!

Am going to be listing new preloved items on my personal shopee this week too. Shall keep you all in the loop!

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