Summer in Fiji Day 0

Lolol trashy mags to accompany me on my flight!

There's also in-flight entertainment, of course. But better be safe than sorry. The flight is 10 whole hours and I don't think I can stand watching movies throughout the entire flight duration HAHA.

Always making time for my Coffee Bean drink before I fly.


On-board business class now and the feeling is super shioks.

The seat so big + leg room so much!

My first time on business class, lemme be excited a bit. Don't judge. Hahaha.

The amenities bag provided!

Love the eye mask with tribal pattern and the wooden toothbrush. Def the prettiest amenities bag amongst the different airlines I've taken so far!

Way to go, Fiji Airways.


Slept like a baby on flight thanks to business class! It's really amazing okay the seat. Can fully recline! Die laa seems like business class is the only way I can get decent sleep then.

If you don't know, I can never ever sleep on flights. Even when I flew 28 hours to NYC, I only managed to sleep 2 hours.

The headphones also damn amazing. It blocks out every bit of noise and the service crew had to gesture for us to remove it when they wanted to take our orders.

And a weather report from Fiji..

It's almost 2am here (Fijian time is 4 hours ahead!) and the temperature is awesomeness.



Fiji water from Fiji. I always see this selling at 7/11 and supermarkets but I always thought that it was just a marketing gimmick.

I think I drank like 4 bottles of Fiji water just on the flight itself. Hahaha. I wonder if Fiji water has any benefits compared to the usual mineral water. Lol.

And since we're on the airport transfer to the resort now, I shall show you all the food that was being served on business class!

Canapes to start off our 3 course meal. Check out that generous chunk of shredded crab meat piled onto the pastry shell. 😋

Salad bowl and warm bread. Yumm.

I got the deep sea snapper with chilli crab sauce and it was soooo good. The sauce also had chunks of crab meat swimming around. Damn legit one please.

And not forgetting dessert – chocolate mousse cake!


Home for one night.

😴 can't wait to settle in and bathe and crash.

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