Summer in Fiji Day 1


Feeling so awake now even though it's 6am back in Singapore. Well. It's already 10.30am in Fiji and we've been well fed.

It's time to head to Cloud 9!!


Morning view from our resort.


One omelette with everything please.


So spoilt for choice.

I really like that everything here is done at a very laidback and casual pace. There's no rushing and you can feel the vacation vibes all over Fiji!

What's on my plate.


Too early for proper ootd shots. I'm still half asleep. Waiting for our ferry and the rest are spamming photos. Hahahah.

Collection of Olympus cameras!

I didn't bring my ep5 along though. It's the Canon this trip!

I never ever seem to get sick of seeing the change in location tag on Dayre whenever I travel.


Walked into Ripcurl store. Saw periwinkle hat. Walks out of store with said periwinkle hat.



This is actually a huge deal for me cause…. I can't swim to save my life. I wore a life jacket of course, I don't have a death wish. Hahaha.

Bloop bloop.


Check this out!


We're now on a floating platform called Cloud 9. Woohoo!

I actually feel a bit seasick now wtf. I don't get seasick on boats but floating about in the sea is apparently another matter.


Post dip-in-the-sea.



Gonna get jetlag when I return home for sure, if we sleep at 6pm and wake up at 3am (Singapore time) every day. Lol. 😂

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