Summer in Fiji Day 2


It's 7.42am right now and we're on a 2 hour bus journey to go on a river cruise as well as visit the villages in Fiji.

Had a hard time sleeping last night and I couldn't stop tossing and turning because my body felt like it wasn't time for bed yet.

Looks like it's another day I've to struggle to keep my eyes open hahaha. My threshold for making talk is also at an all time low whenever I lack sleep. 😩 it's the grumpy kind of tired.

Here's sharing more photos from yesterday at Cloud 9!

The waters are really as turquoise blue and sparkly clear as they look in my photos. So mersmerising.


Cloud 9 is a floating platform bar situated in the middle of the Fiji waters. We took a 45 minutes speedboat ride to get there!

I didn't order drinks so I'm not sure of the selection. But they should have your usual bar drinks I suppose!

It's so easy for photos here because every corner is so blue and so perfect. Everywhere also got photo opp!

Of course I brought along upcoming #TTR items! Show you sneak peek here okay? πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Stripes and Fiji go so well together. Damn pleased that the items I prepped for Fiji arrived in time for my trip!

Thank you to @evonnz for these shots! πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ’•


Cloud 9 is a popular place amongst tourists. Suntanning real estate is high in demand and we had to wait around for a bit before we got good spots.

Random shot of other tourists.

Loving my reversible bikini set from Seafolly. The flip side is white and blue stripes!

Took a good whole minute deciding which side goes better with Cloud 9. First world vacation problems really. Hahahah.

Also, my shades are actually pink but I think the water made it reflect blue instead. LOL.

We're gonna be launching a series of gorgeous pink shades on TTR soon and I actually brought them all to Fiji for photoshoot. Dedication okay! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» Hahahaha. πŸ’―

Pizza party! πŸ•

Hehe you guys look like cute rubber duckies floating in the sea!!

@evonnz @yeomabel @chrislovee


No rubber duck emoji so these yellow chicks shall do.

Returned to resort for hosted dinner with the marketing director of Radisson Blu and we were fed with Thai cuisine.

Night view of Radisson Blu's dining area!

Ending off my slew of photos from yesterday with this pretty one I captured before it all turned dark.

Gonna catch some shut eye on the bus. Goodnight! Talk to you guys later! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


Within a short span of 2 hours, we got drenched, became dry, then got utterly drenched again.

But no regrets cause damn thrilling!


Just checked into our resort for the next 2 days and…. It seems like my travel buddies know my obsession with irons and ironing boards well.



Freshly checked into The Pearl! I like how the lobby looks with clean and minimalistic design.

Welcoming us with super yummy tropical fruit juice!


Bar area also damn chioxzx.

And this is the view from our rooms! Can't wait to wake up to this tomorrow. Heh.

The mountainous view we saw while on the river jet cruise. Never knew that Fiji actually has quite a few mountains! I really wanna try hiking on an overseas trip someday…. We shall see. ☺️

Our guide Mike was telling us that there used to be a cave up there residing CANNIBALS.


There are now no more cannibals residing in Fiji though! It would be an interesting experience if there were… But you probably wouldn't feel safe. At all. Hahaha.

Kay I need to chill on my updates because I only have 5gb worth of data to spend and this is only day 2 wtf.

I think I might burst my limit.

HOW. πŸ˜‚

Anyhoo, we went to visit one of the authentic Fijian villages after the jet cruise and spent a couple hours touring the village, having lunch and dancing with the villagers!

Sat inside this hut with the locals for lunch and some post lunch dance action.

I've never had a meal like this before. There was no table and everything was laid on the floor on a piece of long cloth. That's their version of a dining table!

And obvi there was no cutlery since already got no table. Lol.

So we ate with our hands. Another first for me!

Okay am ending my day 2 abruptly cause I'm having a headache and tomorrow's morning call is at 6am omg save me. 😩

Shall pop some panadol, sleep and wake up for another action packed day in Fiji tomorrow!

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