Summer in Fiji Day 3

My body just decided to randomly wake up…. It's 2am here and Fiji but for some weird reason it's a damn challenge for me to sleep through the night here. I didn't even have this problem when I was in NYC and South Africa where the time differences were a lot more.


4 more hours to waking up. I better go close my eyes and try sleeping till morning light. Goodnight guise!!

Just spent 6 hours doing river rafting in the rain and it was so damn fun!! I've tried rafting before despite not being able to swim (hahaha) but I think the last time I did it, it only lasted for 2 short hours and we didn't have to do any paddling.

This time round, we did 12km, had lunch, then another 12km.

Other than the rain which made it extremely cold and slightly unbearable, it was so exhilarating and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!

My shoulders are so damn stiff now though…… Worth 7 x arms days I would say. LOL.

Although we didn't paddle for 6 full hours because the guide did most of the navigating and paddling la. If we did 6 hours of paddling I don't think I can even begin to type this post hahaha.

Maybe I can finally get some good sleep tonight?


Post river rafting we just all look one cui so we have plenty of photos lying around that shall never see the light. Hahaha.

Plus. Yellow helmet + life jacket sho fashun.

This part of the river looks really pretty though! According to our guide Jo, this river was where the filming of Anaconda 2 took place.

This was before river rafting happened…. Looking way too alive at 7am in the morning LOL. 😂 But only on photo la. IRL is damn stone please.

Midway through river rafting and during our lunch stop.

Hair cui face cui so only can take side/back view. Hahaha.

This was taken at some height and I was deathly afraid that I was gonna fall into the river with no life jacket on me. But heng never.

Thank you @chrislovee for risking your life on slippery rocks to snap this for me! 🙆🏻 and thank you @sengkangbabies for your waterproof camera bag + phone!!

Don't wanna think about leaving this awesome room tomorrow morning.


Everything just seems to look x100 more photogenic when you're on holiday, amirite??

Can't wait to see what Fiji has in store for us tomorrow!

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