Summer in Fiji Day 5


Feeling much more alive now after a night of panadol and good sleep. Hehe. On a boat now to our next destination!

It's great that everyone is recovering already too. So much livelier (and noisier) compared to yesterday hahaha.

On our way to Likuliku for some breakfast and water sports woohoo!

Can't wait to get tanned.


Thank you all for the gws wishes! ☺️


Hello Likuliku!!!!


#nofilter cause none needed!

The waters are amazing here. Can't wait to go snorkeling for the first time ever later!!

Lunch with the best view everrrr!

We don't get strong 3g signal most places here but I guess it's a good thing. Can detox from the phone and really relax your mind.


Really no need for filters every photo I snap. Damn effortless please! If only sg is like this hahaha.

Finally getting my tan on.


The sun's out so everyone's smiles are also out.

Really feeling the Fiji vacation vibes.

Gonna head for our hosted dinner at Hilton in a bit.

Still find it strange how people in SG just had lunch but here we are preparing for dinner already. Lolol.

Plenty of palm trees everywhere. True sign of a beach vacay! 🌴

On the way to dinner!

Watching the sunset as we get settled down for dinner. Life can't get any better than this.

Really like the cosy ambiance of this beachside dining area!

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