Summer in Fiji Day 6

Here's some morning randomness but omg HOW KUYT R DIS šŸ˜

And we're on our last day of Fiji already! Time flies when you're having fun, when the scenery is so stunning everywhere you go and when you look forward to every upcoming activity and meal.


But also…. Can't wait to go home at the same time cause I feel like I've been away from work a tad too long.

Most of our resorts have no proper WiFi or you gotta pay for it (which is actually not a bad thing cause I'm all for not doing work on holiday!) and Fiji's 3g connection can't be tethered to the laptop for some reason. Hahaha.

It was a good period for me to recharge and I feel like I'm ready to take on whatever is waiting for me, work wise, when I get back to Singapore! šŸ™ŒšŸ»

Last night's mask time with my roomie @stopthepretence.

Her face so tiny that her mask got too much excess??? Life is unfair. Hahahahaha and this photo is so hilarious that I just gotta post it.


Really enjoyed our stay at The Palms cause it's so cosy and homely! After packing our luggage we immediately just nua in bed and use phones + spam sappy Chinese songs. Lol.

Yesterday's breakfast hosted by Likuliku, one of the most beautiful resorts around!

We were such trigger happy people yesterday because the sun was out to play, we were at the most breathtaking locations and the food was just awesome in general.


Pretty bar area!


Fresh prawns on top of potato cake topped with yummy hollandaise!

We are so well fed on this trip. Lol.


Photo of me before snorkeling!

We got to tour around Likuliku and visited the over-water bure!

It would seriously be a dream to stay here, even for one night.


Cannot stay but can take #ootd on the balcony hahahaha.

Stripey jumpsuit upcoming on #TTR!

It's amazing how my stripey outfits matches the backgrounds here perfectly.


One more before I carry on with my tanning!!

Maximising my time in the sun while waiting for the driver to pick us up for Ziplining. Hahaha.

The rest were busy being vampires.

Ziplining was way too fun!! What's more, there was the insane view of the Fiji coastline to boot.

I realised I'm really into all these adrenaline pumping activities. Hahaha. Bungee jumping soon!!


On our way to the airport now and feeling all kinds of reluctant and a little sad that our trip is coming to an end.

But hey, at least the flight via Fiji Airways is going to be comfy!


Was trying to clear off the remainder of my Fijian dollars and I think this is the best thing that I've chanced upon!


The last time I saw this was in Aussie. And the price difference isn't that great. Wheee. Last min airport shopping before we board!


See you all back in Singapore! I'm getting ready to cozy up and sleep on flight now. Already settled down in my seat and feeling comfy. Can feel the z-monsters attacking. Hahaha.

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