Today @jongsy looked at me while I was reapplying my lipstick and went "omg you damn 夸张 really everything also rose gold!"

Hahaha. Which is technically not wrong because today my earrings, watch, phone cover, makeup pouch, lipstick and sneakers are all rose gold.


And I realised that rose gold is quite flattering on tanned skin, so yay. Free pass to buy more things in rose gold!

Sneakers from Superga, watch sponsored by an Australian brand called Christian Paul. It's basically my everyday watch right now.

It comes with a really pretty marble face!


Surprisingly it matches quite a lot of my outfit.

I'm weird in a way whereby all the hardware I have on me must be the same finish.

If I wear silver earrings, all my accessories and even the hardware on my bag must be silver. Else I'll feel like something is off.

More rose gold rings coming up on #TTR this Sunday!

Some delays with the shipment this week so we're gonna be pushing our regular Sunday launch to next Wednesday instead.

This Sunday we'll be launching accessories! ✨


The new apparels are still gonna be stocked in from tomorrow onwards! So if you wanna get a first hand preview, you know where to go!

I haven't been the most active on Dayre ever since I came back from Fiji cause… Feeling a little overwhelmed with work. In a good way that is.

We're having quite a bit of opportunities being presented to us and even though it's a great thing, I'm feeling a bit anxious about having to make so many decisions at one go.

Oh well, just gonna trust my gut, do my research and pray that everything turns out well eventually.

Being out of the comfort zone is awesome but daunting at the same time. Hmmmm. 😮

I love Wednesdays cause I get to cook!

Shopping at NTUC for ingredients right now, gonna cook for two later. ✌️🏾 Guess whats cooking??



Finally my salmon skin is crispy! And roasted veggies are DABOMBDOTCOM.

Today in Kerry Origami Blouse!

One of our best selling blouses. Of course I had to keep this new colour for myself!



#thetinselrack #ootd

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