It feels like I've been away from Dayre for the longest time ever. I don't even have time to sit down and read the new entries popping up on my Dayre feed.


Instead, I've been busy playing catch up with my friends and work ever since I got back from Fiji.

Gonna "work" doubly hard to keep this space going again!

Check out this set up I did during our most recent TTR shoot!


Really loving how it turned out because sometimes, what I visualise in my head can turn out quite differently (and not always in a good way) in real life. I'm glad this is one of those times when it turned out better than expected!

We're launching a stripey collection tonight at 8pm and this shirt is SO DAMN COMFY.

So soft and cotton-y that it feels like pyjamas.


And also… We've launched a series of really pretty sunnies up on the website!!

Those pink ones that I was going on about? Remember? Hahaha sorry if it has been too long. I really slacked off Dayre for quite some time I must admit. 😬

But anyway! The response for the sunnies and the rose gold rings (uh huh you heard me right) was so good and most are sold out.

Fret not cause we'll be opening backorders as soon as our suppliers give the go ahead!


Love it when shoot set ups turn out pretty!

The sense of satisfaction is real.


And I say this without shame – I kept every single one of the shades which we launched.


Okay what. All so nice!! Asking me to decide would be totally brutal please. The shopaholic in me is secretly really enjoying launching all these curated collections because it's more like personal shopping than work to me. Hahaha.

Speaking of which.

My dearest resident brand Sensibar just did a round of restocks for previously sold out items!

Well done @jazreeltan I give you a hug later okay! 😘

Some previews from the photoshoot!

Later then I spam you all with my ootds. Hahaha.

I don't know how Irina does it. She looks so damn good in this collection especially!


I can't decide which item from this collection is my favourite.

Wore this pair for 3 times and counting! This is the Nars Culottes but in stripes, for those of you who are wondering about the fit.

And the shirt!

You can either wear it as a regular loose fit shirt or tie it at the waist for a resort vibe.

Okay gotta go get some work done, more photos and a special sneak peek of an upcoming TTR promotion coming your way laterz!

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