OOTD Spamzz

Was gonna continue with my updates yesterday but I ended up staying out till late so…. Haha.

It's honestly been quite some time since we spent time out of the house cause work can get really insane for him, so it was good. 😌

Dinner at Pasarbella Suntec and it was pretty crowded for a weekday I'd say. Can't imagine the time we would have to spend waiting for seats if it was a weekend.

I actually much prefer being out and about on weekdays because

1) Lesser human beings which means

1.1) Easier to find parking lots

1.2) Less waiting time everywhere when it comes to dining options

1.3) Movie tickets are cheaper LOL

Okay I realise it's just because of one single point but yeah weekdays are awesome. Singapore is getting way too crowded on weekends. πŸ˜ͺ

Caught The Purge because I watched the last two and I'm quite fascinated by the storyline because it's so unreal?!

Not a fan of sadistic or gory movies plus I get startled very easily but I guess it was one of the more interesting options out of the movie selection yesterday, so we went for it.

I rate it 4.5 popcorns out of 5 because the storyline was better than the first two, and it did make me jump in my seat quite a few times (HAHA).

I think my heart is getting stronger each time we watch horror and thriller flicks… I'm not the bravest person around when it comes to movies (ESPECIALLY HORROR I JUST CANNOT 😩) but he always insists that I'm not allowed to close my eyes during the scary bits.

Sometimes I just cannot help it la. It's a reflex yknow. LOL. πŸ˜‚


Gonna finish what I set out to do yesterday!

Here comes the #ootd spam. Hahaha.

Torres Maxi Dress!

Almost kept all three colours but stopped myself. Kept two instead, this and the white. ✌️🏻

I look like I'm almost blending into the walls and my dress with my current skin colour. Hahaha.

But I'm really loving this skin tone! It's like a warm malty colour and it makes me feel like I'm permanently on a beach vacation. Ahahaha.

I'll be so sad when it fades! I hardly go suntanning when I'm back in Singapore because the weather is so hot and humid I usually spend my time hiding in air con places.

Lucas Slouchy Shirt in Blue!

My most comfy shirt ever. I like that the stripes are subtle and not too in your face for this piece!


Idk why but this is one outfit which makes me feel like putting my glasses on.

For some reason it's really hard for me to pinpoint my favourite item out of this collection.

Every single one I also like.


It's the good kind of dilemma, I guess?

Ugh I miss this view.

Miss the beach life.

And here's the Torres Maxi in white, and the super chio periwinkle sun hat I bought on impulse hahaha.

I still maintain that it's a good buy because the colour is so unique! ✌️🏻

I initially went to Fiji thinking that there won't be anything for me to buy since that's what everyone said. But uhhh I guess my shopaholic tendencies a bit stronger than most people? LOL. πŸ˜‚

I'm actually already done editing my photos from Fiji.

Time to sit down and start working on my blog posts!


And this entire collection is already up on TTR's website!

Go check them out now?


Oops missed this out!

Remake of the Nars Culottes in the print of this collection. My favourite pair of pants ATM!

#thetinselrack #TTR

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