TTR will be having something special for the coming month of August!


Heheh. This idea popped into my head while I was shopping at Muji and got to draw scratch cards when I hit a certain amount spent. And I thought it would be fun to do some for TTR too!

We have different prizes for the scratch cards and it'll be fun to see what you get.


Side note…..

Visited Covo yesterday and my hair is now officially candy floss pink. 🦄 Hahaha. I never would have imagined myself with pink hair but it turned out pretty acceptable in a loud way.

Thought it would take me some time to get used to it but I feel like it looks quite normal on me somehow? Or is it I'm used to unique colours already.

I think this is as extreme as I will allow myself to get though. 😬

It's a gradient though. Not the entire head.

Love what Yoshi did for me this time round! Bleached my hair a little more but it still looks alive and healthy. One of the reasons why I trust Covo so much with my tresses. Bleach and bleach but still 👌🏻.


And surprisingly pink hair still works with quite a lot of outfits. Wore a rust coloured suede bralet yesterday and it didn't clash!

See! Looks okay right the hair and top?


And yess suede fringe bralet coming up on Sunday! I'm in love with all the colours leh. This time really very difficult to choose.


And there are the usual must-have colours when it comes to suede.

Black and Olive!

And here's some exciting news for Friday!

#TTR did a collaboration with @nuffnangsg to giveaway 30 sets of scratch cards + TTR logo tote bags! Hop over to find out how to join the giveaway plus read a mini #AMA #askmeanything which I did with them. Hehe.

Here's a little bit of what I stole from @nuffnangsg! Hahahah. Go harass them and read the rest of it!

Have the best TGIF, yall!


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