Sunday Musings

Sunday means time for myself doing what I love doing. And today I dedicated some time to deciding which things in life are important and which things in life aren't.

Sometimes I think we spent too much time on things that don't count and pay too much attention to trivial things that don't.

Today I learnt this term called lucid living. Being awake rather than asleep.

Do you really know what you're living for? I don't mean having your life mapped out to the most intricate and minute details.

Sometimes maybe we just need to decide on a goal in life and dedicate time to moving towards that. It doesn't have to be a grand goal, it can be small.

Maybe you want to be happy everyday. Maybe you want to be a housewife. Maybe you want to scoop ice cream for a living.

That's all fine as long as you are focused on doing things that are of value to you, and what moves you one step closer to what you want out of this life.

Some days I have revelations like these, and today happens to be one of those days. I really think I live inside my head too much sometimes. Hahaha.

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