Come #AskMeAnything Personal!

Started my day with rolled oats cooked in unsweetened soya milk!

I like having oatmeal in the morning because I can just dump whatever I feel like into it according to my mood for the day.

What went into my oatmeal today – almond butter with chia seeds, more chia seeds, blueberries, pecans and cinnamon sugar sprinkled on top.


Saw this going around on FB and thought that the tweets are damn hilarious?? LOL. Some of them are actually quite relatable somemore hahaha.



Today's hair. πŸ¦„

Pink fades really fast as compared to other colours I did previously, as per what Yoshi told me.

Haha. Trying to capture my fleeting hair colour every day because I feel like it does get a little lighter after each wash?

I love that it's not entirely pink! Yoshi gave me a gradient because he felt that doing full pink would be too over the top. And I agree!

Pink hair is quite attention grabbing and I do hear people making comments sometimes when I'm out and about.

On days that I want to "hide" my pink hair, I tie my hair into a ponytail or a bun and from the front you won't be able to tell that my hair is pink at all.


Received a letter that kinda dampened my Monday a little but I'm trying not to brood over things too much nowadays so…

Off to the gym it shall be! Gonna run and decompress a little.

It shall not make my week a bad one.


Btw… We're currently doing a giveaway for this cute kissy face emoji on TTR's IG in collaboration with Citigems!

Hop over to join!!


A clearer photo of my hair today!

This is after… 3 washes?

Can it just stay like this forever please. 😍

And yep this is the pool at my office building which I severely under-utilise. Hahaha.

Was telling @jongsy that I'm gonna pick a day this week to swim there! Yes I know I can't really swim but this pool is only 1.2m.

I can swim if 1) my feet can touch the bottom and 1.1) I know I won't drown hahaha.

I did a mini AMA with @@nuffnangsg last week in collaboration with the #TTR giveaway…. And I surprisingly had a lot of fun coming up with the answers.

Hahaha and so I thought I would do one here on my personal Dayre too!

I'm not one to share about my personal life/feelings/thoughts that much because I tend to do a lot of self censorship on public platforms. If you realise, I'm relatively active in my updates but when it comes to sharing the more personal aspects, I'm way more low key.

My updates are usually of my outfits, what's coming up on TTR, more of TTR, brunch places I've been to, new beauty products that I've been trying out, what colour is my hair up to, etc.

Occasionally, I mention my friends on Dayre but those are my close friends who are also active on social media and don't mind being mentioned.

A couple of years back when formspring was all the rage and I was pretty active on it, I got a glimpse of how curious people can get.

You'll be shocked at how rude some questions can get, really. Probably because the questions get to hide behind anonymity.

And I started paring back on how much of myself and my life I put up on the Internet after that. Because people talk and I'm not entirely sure if I want to subject the people around me to that.

Right now I feel like I know how to walk that line a little bit better?

And maybe from this #AskMeAnything I'll feel more comfortable about sharing more parts of me that you don't get to see previously.

So yes, go ahead, leave a comment and ask me questions! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I'm actually quite curious to see what kind of questions I get asked hahaha.

Are you more afraid of cellulite or wrinkles, and why? – @shadine

Ummmm I would say cellulite!!

I feel like wrinkles come naturally with age, and you can always get fillers or what not to get rid of them if they bother you. Hahaha. But for cellulite it's next to impossible to get rid right?? 😩

Your question very random but so fun to answer! Hahaha.

Out for some post dinner dessert at Wimbly now.

Really is fat life.

Will answer the questions later when I get time to myself! ☺️

Not sure if you've said this before but what made you decide to end your previous r/s? @onewayticket

I feel like this is gonna be a longgg answer. And I think it's something that people are curious about because I didn't really go into details about it and I don't share about that area of my life anymore now. Hahahah maybe I should just add this to my FAQ right. πŸ˜‚

There wasn't any particular transgression on either party's end. And it wasn't a dramatic screaming crying kind of break up. Which is why I always don't have a ready reply on hand when people ask me what ended things.

It takes a lot of work to maintain a relationship, especially when you're in one for many years. We were together for 9 years going on 10.

And naturally as years go by, people change. I wouldn't say that either of us changed for the worse, but we changed into different people from who we were when we got together.

It's a difficult thing to do, having to love a changing person while going through changes yourself.

In the midst of it all, I think we both didn't realise that we've stopped putting effort into the relationship. We've stopped trying to know and understand each other because we took the relationship for granted.

We were already almost getting married but I just couldn't see myself going there.

It was the hardest decision for me to make and sometimes honestly it's hard to come to terms with it still. But I'm happy now so I guess the only way is forward.

How do you stay motivated in your life? What do you think is your biggest achievement till date? @jemsbiscuits

As silly as it sounds… I think reading positive articles and quotes every day keeps me motivated. Hahaha. It's really a conscious effort to have to be self-motivated especially when you have nobody to answer to.

Also, I think having things to look forward to keeps me going! It can be things as simple as meeting my friends for a nice brunch, or going on a fun date for the weekend, or just waking up early to hit the gym for yoga before work.

I think my biggest personal achievement till date is having the courage to travel solo to New York last year and surviving the trip given my lack of planning + horrendous lack of direction sense hahahaha.

Do you think EP is very lovable?? 😻 @Eatapplez

I can't believe I'm answering this question…….. Hahaha. What do you think??? 😈😈😈

Where's your favourite holiday destination? @everythingsushi

It's a close fight between Seoul and New York! I love Seoul for the shopping but New York has really awesome food. Both places are photogenic in their own ways…

But my most memorable destination by far would have to be South Africa! Everyone, please go there at least once in your lifetime. And you have to visit the national parks + check out the view from the mountain tops when you're in Cape Town!! It's amazing. 😍

How do you cope with your insecurities? I find myself retreating and hiding from everyone. Fellow leo here so I wanna hear your thought! @janell1991

First of all….. How you know I'm a Leo! Hahaha.

I think everyone has their own insecurities here and there. It's normal and I do too! Some days I just tuck them away and try to pretend that they don't exist. Other days I take them out, magnify and scrutinize them. But mostly I try to work on myself to accept myself.

Sometimes I think we are way too harsh on ourselves. Some things that you're insecure about might not even be visible or apparent to others. πŸ™‚

If you get attached will you share it here hehe @yeomabel

Hahahahaha ζ­» Mabel why you ask me this πŸ˜‚

I don't know if I will share it here but I can share with you over whatsapp laaa. Can? My answer acceptable?

How did you juggle between your online store and uni life in the past? @bruletworld

There was not much juggling done because I was quite heck care about school. Hahaha.

When I was in uni, I was already doing weekly launches on TTR.

I was the kind of project group mate that you'll probably hate because always MIA. And I pon-ed so many lectures and tutorials that it's a miracle I managed to graduate. Bad example you all please don't learn ah.

What are your hobbies? @feebsxz

I have many different interests and they change over time. Hahaha. Recently I'm into baking, cooking, making floral bouquets/arrangements, photography and reading!

Trying to get back into working out regularly but sometimes just damn lazy yknow.

Okay I'm gonna turn in!! Shall save the rest of the questions for tomorrow ya?

Goodnight all you Dayre peeps! ✨

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