#AskMeAnything – Answers!

On the way to weekly lunch with the sisters!!

We never used to do intentional meals together but I'm trying to make it a habit because I think it's awesome that we get to sit down for a couple of hours over food, distracted by nothing but the sound of our own voices rambling away about everything and nothing in particular.

šŸ™†šŸ¼šŸ’• @jongsy @jessaiee

One of the best things about hanging out with them – we use our phones as and when we like. Hahaha.

I refrain from using the phone when I'm out with my friends because it's not so nice. But with them it's different. It's a different level of comfortable.

On my way home now so I shall continue with replying the #AskMeAnything from yesterday!

Some of the questions are quite interesting and makes me think hard, so I'm pretty excited to get started hahaha.

If a fire happened, what are the 5 things that you would grab (other than money and important documentation)? @withlovefromhope

Hmm actually I don't think I'll grab money or important documentation. Hahaha usually money keep in bank eh.. And documentation can always be replaced!

I think I'll grab these:

My dog, because she has zero survival skills and she won't know to run away if there's a fire. She also doesn't follow us when we call her name (zz haha), so I definitely need to grab her!!

And my buns because she also won't know how to escape. Hahaha.

If there's time left, I'll probably grab my phone and camera (if they are within reach) and I don't have to risk my life to get to them. These two things I need for work!

And by now my hands would be full already so…. I'll run out of the house with these 4 things. Hahaha.

What happened to you and T? @kissjanesally

I already replied to a similar question last post so you can refer to that?

We ended on friendly terms and I'm grateful that he has the biggest heart to not hold anything against me. We care for each other's well being albeit on a very different level now.

So… No need the sad face la. Haha.

When you're stuck (for business and personal matters), what do you do to get inspiration? @sarahfied

I unplug from everything that is related to whatever I'm getting stuck at and talk to people I trust. I think having alone time also helps me recalibrate and look at things from a different perspective.

Travelling is also a good way to get inspiration! A good but expensive way, hahahah.


Pause for dinner first hahaha.

Trying Chobani yogurt for the first time and I like that it's a lot less sweeter than other brands that I've tried.


What made you take the leap with TTR, were there a lot of naysayers you met, and what made you pull through all that, defy what society says and go for it? šŸ™ŒšŸ» @elle_jayyy

Honestly I didn't think of it as a leap when I went into TTR full time as soon as I graduated. It felt like the most natural thing to do and I didn't think twice.

It wasn't like "oh hey now that I've graduated should I go work for other people or should I try my luck with TTR and see how it goes?"

It was more like "yay omg I finally have no school anymore, more time for me to spend on TTR!"

The biggest naysayer was probably my dad, when I was just starting out.

He, like most traditional Asian parents, wanted me to concentrate on my studies and get my degree before getting a stable job with a stable income with CPF and employee benefits.

I think he got so angry at one point that he wanted to throw all my stocks out of the house. That time no office yet. Hahaha.

But I guess I was quite rebellious also? Just continued despite him being against it. šŸ˜‚

Eventually when we started doing better and got our first office back in 2011, he was semi-convinced that TTR is something that might have a chance of making it.

And from there he gradually became more supportive!

I think sometimes you just have to not care about what others say/think and press on. Time and results will speak for whether what you're doing is worth it.

Most of my friends are very supportive of TTR and people around the same age think that it's an awesome thing to run an online store!

So except for a few older generation relatives here and there, there weren't many naysayers at the initial stages of starting TTR. Haha. And I probably wouldn't care also la.. I believe in what I'm doing! šŸ˜Š

How do you handle the months where sales performance dips a little lower? How do you encourage yourself and how do you overcome it? @skiesandsunsets

I tell myself that it's inevitable that sales volume fluctuate. There will be good months and there will be quiet months; it's all part and parcel of the retail cycle.

Of course when sales are consistently bad, I will sit down with @jongsy and review on how we can make things better!

No point letting it bother me but not doing anything about it. I rather find ways to improve sales than find ways to encourage myself to not feel bad about it!

How do you decide life's decisions (big and small)? Seeing your boldness in coloured hair and the entrepreneurial spirit, I'm curious how you decide how things should roll šŸ™‚ @anggypea

I'm a heart over mind kind of person so I usually follow what my heart says when it comes to decision making! And I'm always too quick to make decisions once my heart sets on something.

Over the years though, I have been trying to seek a balance.

Especially when it comes to business because sometimes my heart tells me to make rash and impulsive decisions. And I don't just only have myself to account to anymore.

So I tell myself to take more time to mull over things, do my research proper before arriving at a decision.

But that's mostly for work!

When it comes to personal decisions, I still go with my intuition and instincts a lot because they haven't failed me so far. Hahaha. Things like hair colours etc, my mindset is "just try, nothing to lose anyway!"

What are your favourite food? šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹ (Any places of recommendations?) and how do you run your business? @pandacheryl

My favourite food tend to change over time! Hahaha. Can I pick a favourite cuisine? I love Japanese food!


And also, desserts!


I like Teppei for Japanese food and Tarte By Cheryl Koh for desserts.

The second part of your question is a bit vague hmm do you wanna rephrase it and make it more specific? šŸ˜¬ Heh.

Nah. Show you the tarts!


The one best dish/food you've tasted so far in your life? šŸ˜‹ @zengmanc


This is making me hungry guiseeeee. šŸ˜©

I think it's a close fight between this warm toasted bread with truffle butter, and the salted egg yolk chicken which my mum mastered recently and has been cooking on a weekly basis. Hahaha.

The bread is an appetizer from Vanilla Cafeteria in Bangkok which we didn't even have to pay for, but ended up tasting better than all the main dishes that I've tried there! It's really very amazing omg. Couldn't stop eating the bread I tell you.


I know what you're thinking but IT'S NOT JUST BREAD.

It's very very memorable bread. Hahaha.

And for the salted egg yolk chicken, it's really quite dabombdotcom. Will share the recipe once my mum sends it to me. I've been bugging her for it every time I see this dish on the table but she says it's difficult cause she agar one.


What is one thing you'll like to achieve in the next 5 years? @tanamelia

I want to have a space that I can call my own!

I'm going to be as excited as a chubby kid let loose in a candy store when it comes to deciding how the interior is gonna be like, how I'm going to furnish it etc. Hehe. šŸ’­

I thought your answer to the hard-to-answer one was very heartfelt and real. So… What's your next big leap of faith? @davienne

Next big leap of faith sounds…. Daunting. šŸ˜© Hahaha.

I don't think there would be many situations upcoming that I can foresee myself having to take big leaps.

So it'll probably be a) new business idea or b) bringing TTR to a different level or c) a change in relationship status.

But I would like to think that option C should be something which doesn't require a HUGE leap of faith. It should feel natural with maybe just a small leap of faith? Hahaha.

Do you see yourself with someone else soon-ish? Cos it's hard for me to imagine myself being with someone else, holding someone else's hand and sharing the kind of intimacy with another person after being in a long rs. Not cos I haven't gotten over him but more because I don't want to go through a failed relationship again. @OYL_Aly

I don't impose any timeline on myself when it comes to this. Just do whatever you're comfortable with and let things go naturally!

You'll know that you've met the (next) right one if you find someone who can make you cast that fear of failure aside without even giving any thought to it.

How did you find the salted caramel brownie, waffles and ice cream? šŸ˜‚ @sharmainethia


Omg. You saw me at Wimbly last night ah!! I was mega dressed down + no makeup + specs and trying to go incognito.

Next time say hi!!

If you weren't running TTR, what career path would you choose? @honeychocolate

I'll choose a career which allows me to create things that are aesthetically pleasing.

It will still probably be something I can call my own, though. If I can help it!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Do you think society favours the extrovert? @purpleglitz21

I'm an extroverted introvert I would say!

I can be outgoing but not all the time. I like being around people but it doesn't mean that I wanna talk. I can socialise with strangers but I need to mentally prep myself for that.

Some days I can meet 4 different groups of friends at one go, some days I love spending time by myself and don't want to talk to anyone at all.

Hahaha. Sounds like a very conflicted human being right. šŸ˜‚

And without going into a lengthy elaboration which is going to bore everyone, yes, I feel that society does favour the extroverts.

Most social settings are geared towards the way extroverts work and that's just how it is. Extrovert are better at communicating their ideas, which give them a natural edge when it comes to interviews, networking and socialising with other people.

Where are your travel destinations for year 2016? @ccheanf

So far I've been to Taiwan, Bali, Bangkok, Fiji!

Upcoming would be probably Santorini and Marseille! Also thinking of taking a short trip after that but so far I'm still undecided on which country and with who!

How do you keep yourself fit! @tofulove

I'm quite ashamed to say that I haven't been veryyy fit lately because *coughs* making too many excuses when it comes to working out.

But when I don't work out as much I tell myself to eat more šŸ° food and cut down on junk food. Hehe.

I'm trying to stick to working out at least 2-3 times a week though. My usual routine would be a 3km jog, a 5km jog and a hot yoga session weekly!

What do you major in uni? @annabellacyw

My major was in marketing! Somewhat related to what I'm doing now. Hahaha.

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