Good thoughts only ✨

In with the good thoughts, out with the bad.

This week has my mind clouded with negative thoughts and it isn't a great feeling. Gonna sweep those out from my mind and start loading some positivity! +++++++

To the best weekend ahead!

Realised that I missed out on the last few questions asked for #AskMeAnything so I'm gonna reply them now!!

When working with @jongsy, how do you resolve conflict? Is there a clear cut role that each of you play? @shadine

#interestingfact – I have never ever quarrelled with @jongsy over anything at all. Be it work or in our personal lives. Hahaha. We just complement each other well in life and in work I guess!! It's hard to believe that we don't have conflicts because we see each other practically around the clock.

We share the same room and same bed. So I see her when my eyes open, we go to work together, we go home together, she's usually the last person I see before my eyes closed.


I guess we are both quite chill people and not very prone to all out quarrels or even harsh words directed to each other.

Definitely we have our fair share of disagreements. But we know each other well enough to know where is the line and what not to overstep, and we always try to come to a comfortable compromise when it comes to business decisions.

Work roles wise, you're right that I handle more of business development and the creative aspects while @jongsy handles operations and finance.

We have contrasting skill sets and that's where our differences come in. But our differences are more good than bad! I think most of our disagreements are not serious and we can resolve them very amicably because we know that both of us want the best for TTR at the end of the day.


How old are you? You accomplished so much. @krissyumi

Ehhh not a sweet young thing anymore….. I'm turning 27 in approximately 9 more days! Hahahah.

I honestly don't think I've accomplished as much as I want to or should have. Still working on it! 💪🏻


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