The highlight of my weekend – spent one hour of my life in the queue for BAKE.

Hahaha. Idk what got into me either. I abhor queues. And I've already tried this in BKK.

But this is def worth every bit of the hype!! The sisters also concluded that this beats all the other cheese tarts hands down.

And then I took the train (!!!!!!!) to the most ulu part of Singapore so that someone can try this and agree with me that it's damn nice. Really very free this weekend.


I was there yesterday (Saturday) at around 9pm.

The store assistant told me an hour and I went ahead cause I saw that the queue was quite short and I was like "nah this is gonna take way shorter than an hour!" because tbh there wasn't that many people in the queue?

Hahahaha. Either that or I'm damn bad at estimation.

But anyway. I read somewhere that the best time to queue is Sunday night after 8pm cause it only takes around 15 mins! Yaaa but I was there already la so…

Queue lor.

Each person can only buy up to 12 pieces so I did!

Typical Singaporean mindset lol. Since queue already might as well make the most out of it? I only bought 1 to try when I was in Bangkok cause no queue and I wasn't sure how nice it was gonna be!

Regret. Hahaha.

It's $3.50 per tart and $19.50 for a box of 6!!

And while Googling in the queue (cause bored and nothing to do), I found this app where you can actually PAY and get people to queue and deliver it to you. Hahahaha.


It's called Labor Me and it appears on Google when you search for Bake cheesetarts singapore. Hahahah. I wonder if people really engage them for this and how much they actually charge!! 😂

Working out at the gym on a rainy Sunday afternoon is actually really cathartic.

After the California fitness thing I'm determined to make the best out of my gym membership. Hahahaha. Cannot waste. Hot yoga class tomorrow morning yay!

I don't run late for my meet ups and appointments but this workout tank damn kyut kay.



I usually spend Sunday evenings by myself and I'll walk from my place to Serangoon Gardens for some grocery shopping + chill + dinner at Sushi Tei.

Today I started off with dinner first because I was gonna meet my friend Cheryl for desserts at the much hyped about Kooks Creamery.

So I happily ordered my food at Sushi Tei. And the moment of ultimate embarrassment came when I walked to the cashier to pay for dinner.

I opened my bag and realized that there was no wallet to be found.

MY FACE IMMEDIATELY CAUGHT FIRE OKAY. Hahahah. I could literally feel my cheeks burning and the cashier was looking at me like "are you gonna make payment or not".

The only saving grace was that I finished my dinner super early and there was no queue at the cashier.

I only had like 3 seconds to calm my pounding heart down and to try and not look like a crazy flustered woman. I also had to try to look like I'm not out to scam a meal. Hahahah. FML. So close to bursting into tears can.

Thankfully the lady at the cashier was being really kind. Didn't show me attitude whatsoever! She allowed me to leave my name, ic number and number and go get money from my friend to pay for the meal!


So kind of her.

And it was really embarrassing cause I haven't been in this situation before. I could feel my face getting hotter by the millisecond as soon as I realised my wallet wasn't with me. 😵🔫

Cause just now I went gym and the wallet was in my gym bag. 🙄

LESSON LEARNT – never ever put my wallet in my gym bag cause I always forget to take it out after that and I don't always have kind people around to save me hahahah

In the end I left a nice tip for the lady cause she was really nice and asked me if I managed to find my wallet when I went back there to make payment. Haha.

And also. Uber is awesome. Cause even if I didn't have my wallet, I still can go places. Yay for uber.

So I went over to Kooks after the Sushi Tei episode.

And the start of our #byefelicia jokes

Nougat flavoured ice cream with matcha lava cookie!!

Also took a boomerang but it was damn failz hahahaha. Only the cranberries moved. Lol. 😂

I guess that's a good reason to go back there again!

Tbh I wasn't very aware of how good this tasted I was just very glad that I was eating something that was already paid for hahahaha.

The funny boomerang 😂😂😂 can't stop laughing at how fail it is


Gonna turn in soon so that I can drag my ass out of bed tomorrow morning for hot yoga.


No exfiles for me tonight. Hahahaha.

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