Fabulous 27, Still

Still pretty much stuck in elated mode because happiness spillover from yesterday.

Think I'm gonna be overly chirpy (sorry hahaha you guys gotta bear with me) for this entire week and probably also the next because my meal calendar is packed every day with different awesome groups of friends.

Hehe. 😘

Can't wait to see my sticky Jaz in a bit!

He was the first to wish me "Happy Birthday", just past midnight cause I was at the airport to pick him. I think that's the first thing he said to me once he stepped out from the arrival glass doors.

He was the last to wish me "Happy Birthday" just before the day ended yesterday.

Then the first thing I heard this morning the moment I woke up was "Happy Belated Birthday" from him.

I should give him a trophy right. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ†

LOL. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Put 3 x 1 hour coupons and still exceeding the time limit.

Says so much about us hor @jazreeltan?

Cheers to another birthday spent with you and another cute hand-drawn card which warms my heart!


My ever growing collection of jaz-cards πŸ’πŸΌ

Twinsies for today! Lolol. πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ I think people were looking at us weird but who cares

Sticky date 4eva 5eva infiniteva 😘😘😘 @jazreeltan

Nowadays I'd rather take nice photos of my friends/with my friends than of food. 😊 food photos can anyhow take with iphone never mind.

Last year when I turned 26, I did a post titled 5 things I learnt in my 25.

It's interesting to scroll back to past entries because I usually go "huh I wrote that??" Hahaha. Totally cannot remember one damn jialat.

Should I do a list for my 26th year too?

Alrighty here we go!

6 things I learnt in my 26th year of life

1) Get running.

The importance of exercise grows on me as the years pile up.

I'm just like most people la. Most days I just wanna lie on bed/couch and binge eat and not move forever because TIRED.

But recently I've been making an effort to get moving and it really does wonders to my physical and mental self!

It's one of my favourite ways to decompress after long/stressful days at work.

If running is the bane of your life, trying other exercises! Move abit > don't move at all. Lol.

2) Make it a habit of writing things down.

Get a physical organiser, write to-do-lists, keep a gratitude journal, pen letters and cards to loved ones.

Life is getting increasingly digital but I find myself going back to writing things down. I haven't had an organiser ever since JC and I have been relying on the iCal.

But I realise that having my organiser spread open in front of me helps in planning out weeks that are more productive in general!

Writing down the important things or things that I've learnt also helps me remember better.


3) Find your happy place.

I think it's important to have a little sanctuary of your own where you can generally just relax, let your thoughts flow and find your peace and quiet.

Earlier this year I had a chance to build a space for myself and it's a place I go to whenever I need inspiration for work and also a place whereby I can catch a nice short nap because the couch is seriously damn comfortable please hahaha.

4) Talk about your problems, discuss them with people who genuinely care.

I'm someone who lives in my head a little too much sometimes and it can be difficult to share them with even people who are close to me.

But I've been making a conscious effort to share my thoughts and sometimes you realise that talking to the right people puts your worries and problems into perspective and make them seem smaller than they are in your head.


And always remember, overthinking kills.

5) Spend your time on people who deserves space in your life.

In the past year I've began to realise that not everyone deserves a spot in your life and that it's okay to cut unworthy people off without having to justify yourself.

Sounds very unfeeling to put this out but it's true.

Time is so extremely limited and I would rather be with people whom I love and want to keep in my life.

To selected people, I will always have time and try to make time even if I don't.

To others, I will forever be busy. #truestory πŸ˜‚

6) That some leaps of faith might just be worth it.

πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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