Cupcakes + Prawns

ε₯½ζ—©ε•Š omg

Photoshoot in a couple of hours lets goooooo

Iz too early for punctuation marks lol

Need to keep up this morning thing.



Was lugging the new printer into the office and suddenly there was birthday song singing. 🎼🎢

I know they were gonna celebrate with me today cause we're leaving the office early but I really didn't expect that Auds would bake cupcakes since it's already not the actual day.


They brought me prawning before we meet the rest of the girls later! Lol. My last prawning experience with ZL was so entertaining.

By entertaining I meant that he was being entertained by my antics cause damn noob.

Actually I dayre-d about it on Day 144 23 May I think!

I think I'll gonna be better at it this time round. Hahaha. 😌


30 minutes into prawning and the first prawn was caught by @clarayapweiwei!!


LOL ✌️🏻 second!!

Omg there was a guy just now who saw that @jongsy and I didn't catch any single prawn and he very kindly gave us some tips. And also passed us some live bait (ie small LIVE jumping fishes which we were too scared to use)

But wa…. His tips legit.

After that we kept getting prawns like nobody's business. HAHAHAH.

Sorrz prawn.

Blame that guy. πŸ™ƒ



This is where we're prawning at!


81 Lor Chencharu

Open 24 hours

Apparently they have a lot of other activities to do here.

The trampoline park looks damn fun, they have this 3m free fall thing which I wanna try!!

Was spamming zl on whatsapp with the tips LOL so I thought I'll just paste it here instead of slowly typing it out again.

Hahaha. Naaaa here you go @yeomabel!!

Try these tips the next time you go prawning!


LOL having the prawns right now….


The wait staff walked past our table and looked at us like…??? because this whole table of girls started de-shelling prawns and eating them while waiting for the burgers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Must have been the most random thing they've seen at the restaurant in a long while. Hahaha.

And finally today's #ootd #TTRootd featuring a top which I'm recently obsessing over.

We have it it both stripes and solid colours! πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Hmm the cut is just damn flattering…?!

LOVE IT. I can live in this kinda top all day every day.

Pink cap is a steal.

Literally steal from @jongsy and @jessaiee one. Hahaha.


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