My Sensibar Name Necklace πŸ’•

Dear Dayre,

Waking up this morning felt like death. ☠

Slept early last night (around 12?) and got my 9 hours of pure, blissful and undisturbed sleep.

But I guess the lack of quality sleep for the past week is catching up on me. 9 hours felt so short and I just. didn't. wanna. wake. up. leh. omg.

No choice though…. Gotta drag myself up cause we're flying off for work tonight and there are about a million errands to run before we head for the airport.


Forever so last minute. Idk why we don't do things ahead of time but sometimes I feel that I'm a lot more efficient when I do things last minute. #wordsofaprocrastinator

I hate to say this but this Instagram stories thing is much more convenient to use compared to snapchat leh hahaha.

Maybe cause I'm always on Instagram and don't have to specially go into another app (ie snapchat) if I ever got the feels to post random happenings.

So… Catch you all on Instagram stories? Hehe. πŸ™ŒπŸ»

Wearing my gold-filled name necklace everyday ever since @jazreeltan made it for me for my birthday!


The best part of this is that I can wear it during showers, when I exercise, whatever I do and wherever I go without having to worry that it will ever tarnish or becomes dull.

I always really wanted a name necklace of my own but none of the designs I've seen ever truly appealed to me other than this.

It's already on the Sensibar website! Under the customisation tab.

It makes a really sweet gift (I'd know cause I was the recipient!) so if you're looking for gift ideas, try this!

The bracelet version of this is super niceee too I think I'm gonna get one for myself!

Wandered into a chapalang China beauty shop and got this OPI at $8 only! The colour looks so cute, can't wait to paint it on but I have no time today grrrr.

It's called Chocolate Moose.

Even the name is so cute!

Recently @jongsy went to Cambodia for a short holiday and I was asking her about her visit to the killing fields.

I got pretty intrigued by what she told me of it… And I went to check out this book called "First They Killed My Father" on the kindle store. I was never a history buff but I enjoy reading real life accounts.

Gonna be my read for the flight later!

On a completely random note… I realised that I've been updating my Dayre every day since the start of August.

Don't know if I can maintain but I shall hereby challenge myself to update every day for the month of August! Lolol.



Sometimes the wrong choices bring us to the right places/people.

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