The very yummy cheese bomb tart

Sitting around in the hotel lobby after lunch waiting for housekeeping to be done tidying our room.

Was bored so I started scrolling through hashtags on Dayre.

Currently hooked on – #/HIMMB (how I met my boyfriend) tag!

Love reading these more than the #/exfiles cause it invokes the exact opposite feelings. I feel so happy and hopeful after reading some of the stories la!

Okay back to scrolling through the hashtag hahaha. 👀

Okaydokes back to work!


We couldn't resist the cheese tarts we saw at the mall yesterday and bought 2 to try! No regrets tho.


I actually didn't hold high expectations because other than Bake, all the other cheese tarts back in sg didn't quite appeal to my taste buds.


I was pleasantly surprised!

This Cheese Bomb tart actually managed to measure up to Bake's cheese tart.

😌😌😌 Impressed.

The cheese filling is soft and fluffy and the texture is somewhat like tofu/curd. The cheese flavour wasn't all overpowering, neither was it too tangy.

I reallyyyy like this.

Coupled with the fact that we didn't have to actually queue for this… I give this 4.5 stars out of 5!

The tart shell was also not too thick and not in the least crumbly. It was well baked but I took 0.5 stars off because I still think Bake's tart shell is the best.

I've no idea how popular is this cheese tart shop in China (or if it's even available in other cities) but the next time you're here and spot this… BUY AND TRY PLEASE.

Hehe. They also have matcha and durian flavours! And this flaming cheese tart ice cream thing which looks da bomb.


My very pretty iridescent Starbucks card. Only valid in China one. Hahaha.

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