No dinner at home on Sundays so he brought me out for dinner after his family dinner.


Idk how we decided on bcm since neither of us really likes bcm. Hahaha. This is the Upper Thomson one which is supposedly famous but it tasted so so only? Quite mediocre leh. We didn't get the hype.

Plus, it wasn't dinner time anymore and still damn crowded. Is it we cannot appreciate? 😂

My boomerangs always very fail.


Lolol he asked me "how is this thing supposed to work?" because I tried 3 times of him scooping the ice cream but still didn't get it.

So I took this to show him. But bad example la kay.

Wanted to take one with him but errr I'm quite shy when it comes to taking photos HAHAHAH for real. Know him for 6 months and we've only taken photos together once……. On my birthday. 😂

I should post up all my fail boomerangs here one day. They are all damn hilarious LOL.


My forever lazy little dog.

She's been damn tired lately because she has to go downstairs and catch pokemons (sometimes up to twice a day). Hahaha.


Even my dad and mum are playing it. Actually… My entire family is playing except for me. My dad even spent real life money to buy pokeballs cause his aiming damn lousy. I can't even. 🙄🙄🙄

Opened up @jongsy's Macbook just now and the two tabs on her Internet browser are "list of pokemon (pokedex)" and "vulpix nest Singapore".


#pokeaddicts leh zhen de

Thinking if I should bring this metal chain watch in for TTR…

You can't see it clearly from this photo but IRL it's rose gold. HAHAHA. Yes I'm at it again.

There's gold and silver too.

This is really pretty and I personally love wearing it! But we haven't tried selling anything like this on TTR before so I'm a little hesitant. Hmm. Thoughts?

And also, nail colour of the week is OPI Chocolate Moose! Finally got the time to sit down yesterday and get my nails painted.


Kay here's a clearer photo from the camera!

So naise right the colour!! 😍😍😍

Think I'm not gonna be changing my nail colour for the next few weeks. Just keep repainting this.

The uber car which I'm currently on almost got into an accident… Missed by maybe 5cm?

This is why I cannot relax entirely whenever I'm sitting in a vehicle not driven by me. Unless I know the driver drives very safely. Then I can chill and do my own stuff. On cab rides and uber rides I definitely cannot.

I'm especially paranoid when the driver doesn't keep proper safety distance from the car in front ever since @jongsy and I got into a chain accident on the expressway a few years back.

I wasn't the driver laa 😒 hahaha @jongsy was. But I was in the front passenger seat so it was just as scary wtf. The fortunate thing was that nobody sustained injuries.

I actually had recurring nightmares for a while after the accident. And from then on, I tend to get a bit uptight whenever the driver is too reckless or goes too fast. Can't help it.

It's worse when I take cabs in Bangkok and China. Sometimes I rather just close my eyes and don't see. Hahaha.

Yay heading for some TGIM with @bbernice!

Awesome way to end Monday.

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