The Greener Side

This morning we woke up and ZL asked me, "you won't feel lazy to go work one ah?"

Cause we were mega struggling to get out of bed. 😂

Hmm. I do have my fair share of days when I wake up and feel reluctant to go to work. And it's so easy to give in to that temptation because I'm my own boss and so I have free rein over my working hours.

But most days I go to work a happy and motivated person.

Most days I get to do what I love.

Most people think that it's great to have your own business and be your own boss because you get to "go into work anytime you like" and "can just go on holiday any time of the year" etc.

But it's a different set of problems la.

When I take time off or let myself slack…. I actually feel guilty. Hahaha. Then I'll start to feel stressed about not working hard enough. So I can never relax in peace one leh.

The grass is always greener on the side that you're not on. Hahaha.

Post shoot snack.

Frozen blueberries.

It's such an awesome way to eat them I don't even eat them chilled anymore. ✌️🏻

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