Awesome Weekend 😌

Friyay ended really well for me.

Spent the last hour at work playing the Game Of Life aka team bonding with the girls!


It was legit fun okay. Been years since I played this!! I ended the game a doctor who earns $120k per month and with cash + assets of $2mil.

If only it was real life la right. Hahaha. But all fake one.

Was good fun though!!

Friday night was with ZL exploring the Katong area for dinner and desserts!

Saw this cute door and had to take a photo of it!

"I only have eyes for you 👀"

He wanted to take an ootd for me in front of the door but I was like nuuuuu so many people wtf + very paiseh. Lol. I know I do it all the time but uhh hahaha I see his face I just bu ke yi ootd la.


Dinner at ALT pizza was yums. It was quite crowded and we had to wait a bit for the seats.

Why is it that food at places with queue always seem to taste better? Lolol.

Ordered the Buffalo Bill pizza ($18) and Mac and Cheese ($12) which I don't have a photo of because I left my phone on the car last night.

Koped from his phone but taken by me ✌️🏻

Hungry eyes in action every time we're out.

Passed by this gelato shop called Birds of Paradise and it's so cute that I had to go in. Going in means buy ice cream.

So we got ourselves ice cream even though we were gonna head to Nine Thirty for desserts.


Their flavours are extremely intriguing and botanical inspired!

Some of the interesting flavours we tried – strawberry basil, white chrysanthemum and another one I can't remember what.

LOL. 😂

White Chrysanthemum basically tasted like chrysanthemum drink in cans. The basil notes in strawberry basil only came through in the aftertaste. Quite interesting but not the kind that I would want an entire scoop of.

It was a close fight between lychee raspberry and pandan…

And we ended up with Pandan.

There was a slightly bitter aftertaste which he didn't fancy… But I love it leh!


Our night ended with Train To Busan which he insisted "it's really damn good you have to catch it" and so he had to watch it a second time with me.

And… It's unexpectedly good. I thought it was just a pure zombie apocalypse ☠ kinda thriller but I actually teared at two parts (wtf) hahahah but don't worry, no spoilers here!!

Don't think there are many timings left so try to catch it while you can!

Spent today with @jongsy over brunch and doing some work at the office before heading for family dinner.

And tomorrow's gonna be a fully packed day as well.

Such a good weekend.


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